Tala Zakhour


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As a Registered Dietitian in Laval, Tala has a degree in nutrition with a minor in psychology at McGill University and is a member of the Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec (ODNQ).

Tala focuses on promoting the overall well-being of her clients through a balanced and intuitive approach to nutrition, without strict food rules. Firmly believing that every food has its place in a healthy diet, she aims to cultivate a positive and mindful relationship with food. 

Equipped with empathy, a passion for nutrition and a background in psychology, Tala fosters a warm and inviting environment that ensures every client feels at ease and is deeply understood.

She is convinced that eating is a unique experience for everyone and knows how to adapt to a diverse clientele. This allows her to tailor her guidance to suit each client's specific needs, providing personalized and enduring support that aligns with their preferences, goals, and unique circumstances.