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Laurie Capovilla

Boucherville Dietitian

Originally from France and Tahiti, Laurie completed her education in New-Zealand and Quebec, Canada. After getting her bachelor’s in nutrition with honors, at the University de Montreal Faculty of Medicine. She’s now practicing as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Boucherville and by videoconference.

She is a member at the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Order of Québec (ODNQ/OPDQ). Energetic and motivating, her priority is to accompany her clients through their different objectives, with a personalized approach based on listening and empathy. Laurie thinks that to be durable, adopting new behaviors must be done in an enjoyable way and gradually, at everyone’s own speed. 

Having had a tumultuous relationship with food during adolescence, she understood more than ever, through her studies in nutritional science, the importance of a healthy nutrition to favor physical and mental health, in a short and long term. Whether it’s to surpass yourself physically, to support you in chronic disease management, or to help you feel good about yourself and promote a healthy lifestyle; she will give you the tools adapted to your needs in order to make informed choices and thus help you build a solid and durable foundation to attain and maintain your objectives.

Laurie developed a particular interest for gastro-intestinal disorder, cardiovascular and renal diseases, eating disorders, diabetes, and weight management, but does not limit herself to these. Via a dynamic partnership and a trust and respect-based interaction, Laurie will collaborate with you to ease your concerns and promote self-determination.

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