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Carol-Ann Robert

Registered Dietitian and nutritionist in Halifax

Registered Dietitian and nutritionist in Halifax, Carol-Ann holds a degree in Nutrition from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal. Carol-Ann previously studied communications, with her experience she knows how to make the most complex nutritional concepts seem easy and loves to pass on her knowledge.

Learning about and trying new food has always been her passion. She is excited about nutrition and does not hesitate to leave her comfort zone to live, learn, and educate herself to help push her clients results further. Curious by nature, she ensures to be aware of the latest trends in nutrition as well as health practices.

This Dietitian stands out for her great empathy towards her clients and takes their success to heart. Her experience with diabetics enables her to develop skills in creating tools and solutions adapted to the most complicated realities and makes them simple for her clients to implement. Whether working on improving your health or weight management, she will help you achieve your goals while ensuring that satisfaction and excitement stays at the centre of your plate.

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