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Meri Makaryan

Dietitian Nutritionist in Laval and Prévost

Dietitian Nutritionist in Laval and Prévost, Meri is a graduate of McGill University and a member of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Order of Québec (ODNQ/OPDQ).

Convinced that a balanced diet can greatly improve your quality of life, Meri wishes to accompany you in every step of your journey towards health.

Growing up in a kitchen that smelled good at all times, she knows that pleasure and culture should be an important part of eating, no matter what your situation is. Because radical and restrictive dietary changes are not sustainable, she will find strategies that work for you over the long term.

She has a special interest in intuitive eating and will use her kindness to help you get through the obstacles and guide you towards your goals. Judgment and guilt have no place in her office! She can help you have a healthy relationship with food while working on your nutrition goals.

Her mission: to work as a team with you until you are autonomous and no longer need her.

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