Online Nutrition Counselling with a Registered Dietitian

Are you ready to get healthy for life? Let our nutrition experts develop a nutrition care plan that’s carefully matched with your needs and your health or performance goals.

Online Dietitian Nutritionist Counselling

We can guarantee an appointment within 48 hours through our online dietitian and nutritionist consultation services. Virtual nutrition counselling gives you high-end online support on your schedule to reach your goals sustainably. 

What are Online Nutrition Counselling Services?

Nutrition counselling is the process of working with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to set goals and improve self-care. Online dietitian counselling services can help train you to make healthy food choices. You will also learn to form and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

During nutrition counselling, you will work with experts to make a nutrition program to match your needs and goals.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Many chronic diseases can benefit from a change in nutrition. Some of these include type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Learning how to choose foods that will help you is an important step in managing these conditions. What you eat impacts your wellness and an online dietitian and nutritionist can help you.

Chronic conditions can leave you exhausted and not wanting to leave you home. Having an online nutrition program will allow you to achieve your goals from your own home. You will be able to work around your schedule and avoid travelling when you aren’t feeling well.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

If you have struggled to maintain a healthy weight, a food and nutrition counselor can help. They will help you to understand how your body reacts to the foods you eat. You can work together to create a sustainable and personalized meal plan with the goal of wellness and weight loss.

Through virtual monitoring, your health care professional can gain insight into your daily lifestyle and eating habits. They can help you make the lasting changes you desire to achieve steady weight loss.

Building Healthy Habits

Having a nutrition counselor helps you to learn tools and habits to help you achieve success. They will give you the knowledge and nutrition information you need to make positive choices on your own. It will make it more likely that you reach your goals.

You can work with your online nutrition counselor to make small, lasting changes to your lifestyle. You will focus on healthy eating rather than restriction. Avoiding drastic measures and developing a healthy relationship with food will allow you to reach your goals.

Why Use Our Online Dietitians?

When you book with one of our online dietitians, you will have an appointment within 48 hours. You won’t need to worry about travelling to your appointment so it is great for those with limited mobility.

We ensure you get high-end online support using only the best technology. Our dietitians use AI-powered software such as a smart food diary so we can analyze your food habits and give you the best support available.

Upon your initial consultation, you will also have access to our KoalaPro health and wellness portal. This portal will offer you a wide range of recipes adapted to your goals and virtual workouts. You will also benefit from discounts on food and health products as well as educational nutrition videos that are available at all times.

Our online nutrition-support program was chosen by four universities for the quality of our services.

High-End Online Support to Meet Your Health Goals

Get the high-end online support you need in your own home. Virtual nutrition counselling services can be better than in person because we can see food choices and lifestyle habits firsthand. We work around your schedule and lifestyle to provide personalized nutrition recommendations and help you reach your goals.

Book an appointment with our professionals to start achieving your goals. Dietitian services are covered by most insurance plans.