Medical Referral for Consultation with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Our team of registered dietitians and nutritionists assists your patients in managing and improving their health conditions by fostering healthy and sustainable habits.

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Clinical Nutrition Services

Given the versatility of our team, we serve as a benchmark for nutrition in managing multiple health conditions.

Weight Loss

Get back to a healthy weight in a sustainable way with an approach adapted to your needs.

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Digestive Health

Reduce your digestive symptoms, improve your overall health and keep the pleasure of eating.

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Chronic Disease

Improve your eating habits and manage your diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and more.

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Pediatric and Family Nutrition

Encourage and help your family develop long-lasting healthy eating habits to actively maintain good health.

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Women's Health

Receive tailored support to guide you through the life stages and health conditions specific to women.

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Eating Disorders

Make peace with food and your body by being accompanied by dietitians who specialize in eating disorders.

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Download the referral form

Download the referral form and add it to your electronic medical record (EMR) for a quick and efficient referral!

Whether you're a physician, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, occupational therapist, psychologist, or another health professional, you can send us a nutrition referral request for one of your patients.

Medical referral form

Referral Procedure

Fax: 1-514-221-3116
Title: Referral - Community Name followed by City or Area

Send the completed referral form or include the following information to your email/fax:

1. Client's full name
2. Client's phone number
3. Name of referring physician/professional (if applicable) 
4. Email address 
5. Reason for appointment
6. Best time to contact the client
7. Any other relevant information

Upon receiving the email, our appointment coordinator will acknowledge receipt.

Customized Service for Your Patient We provide tailored and realistic nutritional monitoring, ensuring lasting successes through professional support, personalized nutrition plans, and custom tools.

Who Are We?

TeamNutrition consists of over 70 dynamic, qualified, and client-focused dietitians. We offer online and in-office nutrition consultations across Canada, as well as on-site conferences and seminars.

Our Skills

We ensure the constant updating of professional knowledge and implement interventions based on the latest nutritional data.


We utilize a personalized approach and cutting-edge educational and technological tools, such as the KoalaPro portal and the Keenoa smart food journal.


We provide complete care and close accompaniment to clients, helping them change their eating habits.

What Sets Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Apart?

Team Strength

By collaborating with TeamNutrition, you join forces with a team of over 70 registered dietitians, each a member of their respective provincial dietetic colleges. Our professionals possess diverse and complementary expertise, and they benefit from training programs and professional practice supervision to deliver a service of unparalleled quality.

Effective Communication and a Willingness to Collaborate

TeamNutrition champions a multidisciplinary approach. Our fully computerized record-keeping platform enables effective communication and fosters collaboration by facilitating the transmission of condensed nutritional assessments to the treating professional. These assessments highlight the patient's progress in their journey.

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