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High blood cholesterol


Cholesterol is a type of fat that is essential to the functioning of our bodies as long as it is present in limited quantities. It is produced in part by the liver but also comes from certain foods we consume, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, and other animal fats. If LDL cholesterol increases in the blood, it becomes dangerous because it is deposited on the inner walls of the arteries and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke. This problem is called hypercholesterolemia.

How can I lower my blood cholesterol?

The treatment and prevention of high cholesterol requires good weight management, increased physical activity, and, in particular, improved dietary habits.


Because it’s not always obvious what to eat to reduce your blood cholesterol, our dietitians offer you personalized, clear, and easy-to-follow advice as part of the Eat-Well Program. They teach you how to manage and prevent medical issues according to your family history and health, and they create and adjust personalized food guides based on your lifestyle to facilitate change.

Don’t wait to prevent illness due to high blood cholesterol. Contact us now. Our  will guide you toward controlled blood cholesterol so you can improve your health and your life expectancy.

Are you experiencing high blood cholesterol and interested in controlling it through diet? Contact our dietitians/nutritionists today! It’s the first step toward achieving your goals and loving your life again.

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