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Diabetes is linked to having blood glucose that remains too high after eating carbohydrates (sugars). This occurs when the insulin released in the blood is insufficient or ineffective. In healthy people, insulin moves glucose inside the body’s cells. When you have diabetes, the cells are deprived of nutrients and the glucose that stays too high in the blood becomes toxic. 

You may have diabetes if you experience some or all of the following symptoms

  • Extreme fatigue, drowsiness, and physical weakness 

  • Increased hunger 

  • Increased thirst 

  • Increased urine volume and frequency 

  • Loss or gain of weight without a clear cause 

  • Blurry vision 

  • Poor wound healing 

  • Infection of the genitals, gums, or skin 

  • Tingling in the hands and feet 


High levels of glucose in your blood, called hyperglycemia, may be due to several factors: 

  • Diet too high in carbohydrates or unbalanced 

  • Sedentary life 

  • Insufficient insulin and/or antidiabetic drugs 

  • Weight too high 


Risk factors for diabetes can be addressed and corrected through our Eat-Well Program, specially designed by dietitians to guide and support you in making healthy, personalized changes in your diet. Improving your food choices and your health is possible, thanks to TeamNutrition’s , who are available all over Canada, in an office near you. Contact us now to book your nutrition appointment!

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