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Our dietitians assist Canadian SMEs in delivering an exceptional employee experience through energizing conferences and workshops designed for your work teams.

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Corporate Nutrition and Wellness Services

Our corporate services are specifically tailored and refined to exceed your employees' expectations. Explore our array of services, each adapted to the unique needs and interests of your organization.

Cooking Workshops

Dynamic and enriching team-building activities for your coffee breaks or happy hours.

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Nutrition Conferences

Health and nutrition conferences on practical, enjoyable, and diverse topics, lasting 45 to 90 minutes.

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Individual Counselling

One-on-one consultation blocks with a dietitian to support your employees in a personalized manner.

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Free Fitness Challenge

Embrace the challenge by adopting improved habits in eating, sleeping, stress control, and exercise.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Targeted and engaging journeys to explore various aspects of nutrition and improve your well-being.

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KoalaPro Corporate Packages

Offer your team access to KoalaPro's virtual resources and get up to 80% off with our corporate rates.

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The Employee Experience: More Important Than Ever

With 38% of workers under 40 considering a career change, it's crucial to improve your retention power by distinguishing your company through an extraordinary employee experience.

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Attract and Retain Talent

The new generation of workers entering the market seeks not only challenges but also employers who demonstrate environmental responsibility, humanistic values, and social contribution.

Strengthen Team Cohesion

Interactive activities conducted at work facilitate communication and bolster the connections among colleagues. Cohesion is vital for maintaining high productivity levels, especially when positions are remote.

Promote Health

Nutrition is an integral component of health and an engaging topic of interest. Safeguard your employees' health with personalized advice from our expert dietitians.

Our Most Popular Conferences

Are you searching for activities that are universally appreciated and will boost your team's morale and energy? Can't find what you're looking for? Browse our comprehensive catalog of themes.

My Productive Day

Learn how to maintain your energy levels using neuronutrition principles, avoid energy dips, and prevent concentration loss by upholding healthy eating habits. We share our best tips and tricks for enhancing your meals with flavour and colour!

Big Feast on a Small Budget

Does eating healthily despite inflation seem like a utopia? No worries, we have solutions to help your employees craft nutritious and delicious meals without compromising their budget. Turn your financial constraints into an opportunity for balanced eating.

Eating Well Under Stress

Stress impacts our appetite, influencing both the amount we eat and our food preferences. Develop healthy coping behaviors and optimize key nutrients to mitigate the effects of stress.

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Choosing Us: A Reliable Choice

TeamNutrition supports thousands of Canadians through the initiatives of organizations committed to the well-being of their employees.

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