Dietitian for Children and Families

Our pediatric and family dietitians can provide nutrition counselling services to families to develop healthy eating habits that will benefit the entire family.

Pediatric and Family Nutrition - Nutrition familiale et pédiatrique

Pediatric and family nutrition are essential aspects of maintaining good health. Some common issues pediatric dietitians help families with include pediatric weight management and meal planning for the entire family. This includes techniques to handle allergies and food intolerances, picky or selective eaters, and other nutrition-related concerns.

How Can Nutritional Counselling Help With All Stages of Pediatric Growth?

A certified nutritionist can play an essential role in helping children grow and develop properly. Counselling can help expectant mothers ensure they get the proper nutrients to support the developing baby during the prenatal stage. After birth, counselling can help parents choose the best foods for their children and ensure that they meet their nutritional needs.

Your nutritional counselor can address introducing solid foods and baby-led weaning. Also, they can assist with problems parents face in the early years, such as colic, constipation, and diarrhea, resulting from allergies and food intolerances. Other situations include pediatric weight management, nutritional deficiencies, and picky or selective eaters. Some of these situations lead to pediatric weight management problems, such as being over or underweight. Cases of underweight children are frequent, especially among those with ADHD whose appetite is reduced by medication.

As children grow older, counselling can help them learn about making healthy food choices and develop good eating habits. In addition, a pediatric or family nutritionist can also help to identify any potential problems early on and provide guidance on how to address them. Ultimately, nutritional counselling can be a valuable resource for families who want to ensure that their children get the nutrition they need at every stage of life.

Are You Stressed From Mealtime Struggles With Your Family?

Mealtime struggles with your family can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. A pediatric dietitian or nutritionist can help with meal planning for the entire family. They can provide you with ideas for quick, easy, and healthy meals that everyone will enjoy.

We understand how challenging and frustrating it can be when your child can't eat the same things as everyone else. Our team of nutrition experts can provide you with advice and healthy meal ideas that will help make a meal prep easier for everyone. In addition, a pediatric registered dietitian can help you handle allergies and food intolerances for the entire family.

Do You Have a Picky Eater in the House?

If you have a picky eater in the house, you know how hindering it can be. A pediatric nutritionist-dietitian can help you deal with this common problem. They can provide you with tips and ideas for getting your child to eat a wide variety of foods.

Picky eaters often have weight management problems, so it is crucial to address them as soon as possible. A pediatric dietitian can help you develop a plan to get your child back on track and ensure that they get the nutrients they need to prevent any long-term health problems, such as obesity, nutrient deficiencies like iron deficiency, and issues gaining weight.

If you're struggling to get your family on the right track with nutrition, our health professionals can provide valuable counselling services online or in person. From planning meals to addressing pediatric weight management problems, we can help you and your family develop healthy eating habits that will benefit everyone. Contact us today to get started with your first nutrition consultation!