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Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

Adopting a balanced diet with the support of a registered dietitian or nutritionist can help prevent and treat many kidney diseases. 

Kidney Disease - Maladies rénales

What Are Nutritional Counselling Services?

Also referred to as dietary counselling, nutritional counselling refers to the process in which specially trained healthcare professionals guide people on healthy dietary habits and food choices. For people with kidney disease, nutritional counselling services aim to help clients maintain good health during and after treatment.

As a result, the body remains strong enough to mitigate the effects of kidney disease. This form of counselling involves a two-way interaction in which a client receives a nutritional assessment and a trained counselor helps the client interpret the results. Afterward, the client and the counselor define nutritional needs, goals and strategies.

Nutritional counselling equips the client with important information about their health. It emphasizes behavioural change and practical actions that the client can take to address their needs. Registered dietitians and nutritionists are the only healthcare professionals qualified to provide nutritional counselling services.

Managing Chronic Kidney Disease

A registered dietitian is an expert with extensive training in food and nutrition. People receiving treatment for kidney disease need to follow a dietary plan that specifies daily nutritional requirements for sodium, potassium and protein.

Eating the right amount of these and other essential nutrients helps mitigate the progression of the disease. For that reason, a registered dietitian or nutritionist educates people on the best ways to manage their diet. Managing kidney disease often necessitates these adjustments in one’s lifestyle to promote good health and longevity. Dietary changes are one of the most essential of these changes.

Poorly controlled diabetes and high blood pressure can damage your kidneys. Making the right dietary changes can help keep your kidneys healthy. Symptoms of kidney disease include:

  • Weakness

  • Anorexia

  • Fatigue

  • Malaise

  • Nausea

  • Pruritus

  • Vomiting

  • Altered mental status

These recommendations for dietary changes are essential in preventing chronic kidney disease. For example, adopting dietary habits that normalize blood sugar and blood pressure protects your kidneys.

With the help of a nutrition expert, a person with chronic kidney disease can have a strong understanding of the nutritional requirements for renal insufficiency. This way, they can find effective ways of maintaining optimal kidney function while addressing nutritional concerns.

Preventing Recurrence of Kidney Stones

Nutritional counselling also helps people with kidney stones. Our nutrition experts educate people of the importance of drinking enough fluids, eating plant-based proteins and reducing salt intake. To ensure clients maintain healthy lifestyles, we adapt our recommendations to your lifestyle and preferences.

A dietitian provides a detailed diet plan that takes into account individual food preferences, special needs, lifestyle and levels of physical activity. A personalized nutrition plan that takes into account all these factors help the client achieve their goals for managing and preventing kidney stones formation.

What Should I Expect From a Registered Dietitian

The extent of nutritional counselling required varies from one patient to another. For that reason, the first thing we do is assess your food and nutrition needs. We also review your medical and psychosocial history.

Doing so enables the healthcare professional to develop a comprehensive nutrition plan that fits your unique needs. Dietitians and nutritionists also help you define short-term goals to address your health issues. Additionally, they set a schedule to follow up and monitor your progress towards your food and nutrition goals.

Together, you will review progress made towards previously defined goals. You will assess what has worked and what hasn’t, then make the necessary adjustments. Ultimately, the goal of providing nutritional counselling services to people with kidney disease is to improve your quality of life while ensuring that you maintain healthy kidney function.


If you're looking for support for managing your kidney disease, our team of registered dietitians and nutritionists can help. Contact us today to schedule a nutritional consultation online or in person.


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