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Mindful Intuitive Eating


Mindful or intuitive eating is a nutritional approach that rejects the dieting mentality and instead allows us to improve the complicated relationship we may have with food and our bodies. Adopting the principles of conscious or intuitive eating means learning to recognize and listen to the signals our body sends us about hunger and satiety. We’ve always had those signals but often have lost sight of them because of external signals, such as the time of day and an empty plate.

Mindful, intuitive eating is also about putting the satisfaction and pleasure of eating back at the heart of our diet rather than being in constant “restriction” mode. Foods are not considered good or bad, and this allows us to put guilt aside and instead choose foods that will meet our needs and those of our bodies.

In fact, mindful or intuitive eating is not a weight loss technique; rather, it allows us to stop yo-yo dieting and reach our natural weight.

Through consultations with our dietitians, you’ll get:

  • The ability to recognize or rediscover your hunger and satiety signals and then listen to these signals.

  • Techniques to help you differentiate between true and false hunger.

  • The ability to recognize different types of hungers, such as when you’re managing your emotions with food.

  • An understanding of the different concepts of mindful or intuitive eating, such as natural weight.

  • Help for rejecting the dieting mentality and getting rid of restrictions in your diet.

  • Tasting and mindfulness exercises to help you focus on the pleasure of eating.

  • The opportunity to build a better body image and make peace with your body.

  • Tools to explain your approach to those around you in order to prevent too much social pressure.

  • The ability to make peace with forbidden foods.


Why choose our dietitians?

To help you succeed, we offer:

  • Services by registered dietitians across Canada.

  • Easy-to-understand teaching tools that are customized to your needs.

  • The option for insurance receipts.

Our mindful-intuitive eating services with a registered dietitian are available everywhere in Canada, in an office near you or remotely.

Find out more about how mindful intuitive eating can change your relationship with food. Contact our dietitians/nutritionists today! It’s the first step toward achieving your goals and loving your life again.

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