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Clémence Pouit

Montreal Registered Dietitian

In 2014, Clemence graduated, form France, as a registered dietician. Then, during a year of exchange between her French University and the University of Montreal, she decided to come permanently in Quebec and start her practice in Montreal. Member of the Canadian Nutrition Society and the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Order of Québec (ODNQ/OPDQ)., in 2017, she graduated from the University of Montreal, to become a registered dietician in Quebec.

Foody and sports enthusiast, Clemence also loves nature. Her motto: Treat yourself eating healthy.

Because, Clemence wanted to help people and was concern about the population’s well-being, she naturally chose the nutrition field. Convinced that nutrition is essential / fundamental to keep a good health, her objective is to help you reach your goals step by step, by offering you long term support. Her keywords: Motivation and active listening. 

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