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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Pointe-Claire

As a registered dietitian nutritionist in Montreal, Alexandra graduated from McGill University and is a member of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec (ODNQ).

Alexandra is a dedicated advocate for well-being through an anti-diet philosophy. Committed to intuitive eating principles, Alexandra takes a balanced approach to nutrition by rejecting strict rules when it comes to eating. In Alexandra's nutritional approach, each food finds its rightful place, and strict rules are replaced by a focus on fostering a positive, conscious relationship with nourishment.

With a passion for demystifying all the nutritional noise around us, Alexandra guides individuals towards well-being goals through pleasure, discovery, and flexibility. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and embrace a journey that honors the body's hunger cues, celebrating the joy of eating while achieving optimal health.


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