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Tips for Better Health After Giving Birth

Did you just have a baby? The time after giving birth is important for a new mom's physical and mental health. Eating well plays a big part in helping you feel better. Here are some tips for healthy eating after having a baby.

Woman who exercices

As a registered dietitian for TeamNutrition, one of the most common questions I encounter is whether diet or exercise is more important when it comes to adopting healthy habits or losing weight. Success stories abound for both approaches, so which one holds the key to a healthier lifestyle?


Healthcare professionals are constantly looking for solutions to improve records management and optimize communication between them and their patients-clients. The digital files system developed by TeamNutrition meets the needs of healthcare professionals seeking tools to help manage their time and maintain rigorous records. What are the main benefits of Dossiers?

Child receiving a healthy snack

Is your child getting hungry and restless in the middle of the afternoon? It's probably a sign that they need a snack to hold them over until the next meal. However, many store-bought snacks can be less than nutritious. So how can you ensure your child gets the nourishment they need for proper growth and development? By understanding how to compose a healthy snack!

What does a nutritionist buy at Costco?
What does a nutritionist buy at Costco?

Doing some of your grocery shopping at Costco is a must to save money. There are many healthy, convenient products that make everyday cooking easier. Buying in large sizes also helps limit trips to the grocery store and ensures that you have products on hand at all times. Here are some healthy items to add to your next basket!

Clean Pantry - Garde-manger propre
Spring Clean Your Diet: Tips for Refreshing Your Eating Habits
Childhood obesity: What do the new US guidelines say?
Childhood obesity: What do the new US guidelines say?
3 Team-based Initiatives to Enhance Workplace Collaboration

Looking for a way to jazz up your workplace and get your team collaborating like never before?

Look no further than TeamNutrition’s business services!


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10 Mason Jar Lunch Recipes
10 Mason Jar Lunch Recipes 

Ah the famous weekday lunches! If we were to count the number of lunch boxes we can prepare in a year, we would realize that it's a lot! In order to simplify the life of parents, workers or students, here are some recipes that can be prepared in advance and assembled directly in a Mason jar. 



Top 10 healthy recipes with an Airfryer
Top 10 healthy recipes with an Airfryer

The airfryer is a handy kitchen appliance that cooks food using little to no oil, making it a healthier option for those looking to improve their diet. If you're looking to make healthy and delicious meals using your airfryer, here are our top 10 healthy recipes to try right now.

Top 5 best commercial salad dressings
Top 5 best commercial salad dressings

Salad is without a doubt one of the most versatile dishes. Indeed, it can be eaten as a salad, a side dish or even as an appetizer to the main course. However, it's all in the flavours of the dressing. If you don't have the time to make your own dressing, you can make more than interesting choices at the grocery store. 

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