Émilie Deschênes



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Emilie is a Nutrition student at Laval University and has been passionate about cooking and healthy living habits for as long as she can remember.

Emilie joined the team as a Appointment Coordinator and stands out for her warm and personable approach. Her empathetic listening skills and interest in improving people's quality of life make her a caring and charismatic consultant. With her dynamism, she will make you feel at ease and confident. Her counseling skills will enlighten and guide you towards an approach that meets all your needs.

In addition, Émilie is part of the marketing team as an operations assistant. Her keen interest in communications and her positive energy make her a valuable asset to the team. With a mission to provide customers with the widest range of benefits, she will undoubtedly ensure everyone's satisfaction. Her creative and analytical skills will certainly contribute to the authentic experience you will have with TeamNutrition.