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Our Local Registered Dietitians are available cross Canada for online nutrition consultations, including Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. 

Supported by an expert team of medical, sports and weight loss specialists, our local dietitians are looking  forward to sopporting you in your health and performance goals. 

Still wondering if our Registered Dietitians are the right choice for you?
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Dietitian Nutritionist Toronto Trista Chan

Your Local Toronto Dietitian | Trista Chan

Trista Chan is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto and has completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and graduate certificate in Nutrition, Dietetics and Health Promotion.Read more

Edmonton Dietitian Nutritionist Serena Benali


Your Local Edmonton Dietitian | Serena Benali


Serena Benali is a Registered Dietitian working in Edmonton Alberta. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Acadia University and is a member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta.

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TeamNutrition Registered Dietitian Meghan Wilton

Your Local Toronto Dietitian | Meghan Wilton

Meghan Wilton is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto, Ontario. She comes from the east coast, initially in Newfoundland and completed her education in Nova Scotia at Acadia University.

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Calgary Registered Dietitian | Courtney Chisholm

Your Local Calgary Dietitian | Courtney Chrisholm

Courtney Chisholm is a Registered Dietitian based in Calgary, Alberta. She hold a
degree in nutrition and food science as well as honours psychology from the University of
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