Two Weeks of Varied Breakfasts

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Two Weeks of Varied Breakfasts

Are you struggling to have a varied and healthy breakfast every day? Bring a breath of fresh air to your mornings with these two weeks of different breakfast ideas. 

Some of these recipes can be prepared in advance. You can make provisions for the week. In the morning, with your eyes still half closed, all you must do is grab a piece and leave. You will spot those recipes when you see Minute Recipe! 

Other recipes are prepared in the morning in 10 minutes or less. Just the time to prepare your coffee! 

Starting the day has never been so exciting! 

Sunday - Express morning breakfast (Minute Recipe!) 

Monday - Cold Oatmeal (Minute Recipe!)   

Tuesday - Breakfast Tortilla 

Wednesday - Mango Chia Pudding with Citrus 

Thursday -  Peanut butter biscuit   

Friday - Protein Smoothie 

Saturday - Mini Breakfast Quiches with Smoked Salmon and Orange (Minute Recipe!)   

Sunday - Iced Banana-Peanut Bowl (Minute Recipe!)

Monday - All Dressed Bagel 

Tuesday - Toasts with almond spread (Minute Recipe!)

Wednesday - Pina Colada Breakfast Bowl 

Thursday - Glorious Muffins (carrots, raisins, almonds and coconut) 

Friday - Chia Poudding          

Saturday - Athlete’s Pancakes

 Finally, as a bonus, here is an original idea for brunch! --- Mac’n’cheese breakfast
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