Dietitian Advice: 5 Nutrition Tips for Before and After Pilates

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Have you decided to focus on self-improvement? If so, you're certainly not alone.

After all, more and more people are realizing the importance of focusing on good physical and mental health. When it comes to improving your body, Pilates is the ideal way to develop strong, lean muscles without needing a ton of expensive exercise equipment.

This article takes a look at useful dietitian advice for making the most of your Pilates routine. Keep reading to discover the best dietitian nutrition tips for what to eat and drink before and after your Pilates session in order to get the type of strong, healthy body you've been dreaming of. To have acces to exclusive Pilates workout, try our Exclusive Portal, free of charge for the first 30 days.

1. Preparing for Your Pilates Session

First of all, let's discuss what to eat before a pilates session. After all, the foods you eat beforehand will prepare your body so that you'll have plenty of energy and maximize the nutrients burned by your muscles for fuel.

The key is to eat the right foods, but also eat as light as possible, with less fat and smaller portions. Once you've eaten your meal, the best strategy is to wait at least two hours before beginning your Pilates session.

It's also a smart move to work with a professional dietitian to make sure you are eating foods that will optimize your general health and fitness goals.

2. The Best Foods to Eat Before Your Pilates Session

Now let's talk about the best food choices in the hour before your Pilates session.

Good snacks include eating a banana, or even a smoothie loaded with carbohydrates that will supply energy without making you feel sluggish. 

For example, a protein shake with fruit is a great choice. Just make sure the portion size is appropriate for the length and intensity of your workout.

If you want something a little more substantial, you could also opt for peanut butter on whole-grain bread, or a serving of yogurt with a small portion of oatmeal. 

3. Recovering From Your Pilates Session

Once you've completed your Pilates session, it's important to provide your body with nutrients for a speedy recovery. This will help strengthen your muscles and provide energy for the rest of the day.

4. The Best Foods to Eat After Your Pilates Session

So, what should you eat post-workout? Great question.

The best choices include a protein-rich green smoothie or a regular meal that contains rice and vegetables with chicken or fish. These foods will provide the protein and carbohydrates needed to help you maintain energy and promote good heart health.

5. What to Drink Before and During Your Pilates Session

There's no reason to overthink what you drink. Water is always a great choice, and the best strategy is to drink an 8-ounce glass of water about a half-hour before your Pilates session. This will provide plenty of hydration, but you could also keep a water bottle with you in case you feel a little thirsty during the workout. 

Once your session is complete, go ahead and drink 16 ounces of water within 60 minutes of the end of class to help your body recover.

A Guide to the Best Dietitian Advice for Getting the Most Out of Your Pilates Session

Living your best life requires focus and discipline. Fortunately, this dietitian advice for Pilates will help give you the boost you've been needing.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, or try our Exclusive Portal free of charge for the first 30 days to have unlimited access to our workout videos and nutrition support.

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