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Do you ever feel like eating dessert even though you've just finished supper? The infamous second stomach... As you can imagine, it's nothing like that!

Hunger is a physical signal that is mainly felt in the stomach. It means that we lack the energy to meet our physical needs, which are internal factors.

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Snacks are very important on a daily basis to provide constant energy and alleviate hunger. Take a look at our article on The importance of Snacks to Fill Up on Energy for more details. 

On that topic, TeamNutrition's dietitians have prepared several recipes to combine pleasure and health in a protein-rich snack.
Here is our top 5: 

Healthy Take-out in Edmonton

Are you looking for healthy take-out in Edmonton? If so, it’s your lucky day because there are several tasty options. Ordering Uber Eats in Edmonton is easy, and you'll find nearly all of our top-rated healthy meals on there.

But choosing the best possible health-conscious meals can be challenging. If your tummy is rumbling, you’ll quickly want to order one of these ten mouthwatering healthy meals.
Here are our top 10 Edmonton dietitian approved healthy take-out options in Edmonton.

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No. Without a medical condition, there is no good reason to stop eating it: it is a myth.
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Do you often get hungry in the middle of the afternoon? Your stomach is hungry even though you've eaten a good lunch? It's quite possible that a snack can help you reduce your hunger and give you energy throughout the day! One, two, or even three snacks during the day will help you balance your hunger and satiety signals.


If you're ready to start cooking healthier in the kitchen, you need to start with the right tools. Along with a handful of easy healthy recipes in your back pocket, these tools will make it simple to whip up something healthy and delicious for your next meal.

Let's break down our top five kitchen accessories to eat healthier at home.

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Take advantage of additional support and new health content each week to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle!

Through our FIT PROGRAM, we invite you to :

1. Enjoy moving

Choose your coach and online workouts here

Choose your activity and your trainer according to your goals: Yoga, HIIT, cardio, pilates, fitness, barre, cardio boxing, meditation, and more!

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Protein Powders: Are They Really Necessary? No, consuming protein powder is not necessary to meet your needs, that's a myth.

Protein supplements are very popular with athletes as well as with less active people. They are generally found in the form of whey protein or vegetable protein powders. With 20 to 30 g of protein per serving, these powders can look very tempting. However, they contain very little carbohydrates, fibre and fat, and are usually very expensive.


Improving your lifestyle through fitness and nutrition can seem like a daunting and tedious task. Fortunately, there’s an app for any health-related goal, assisting users through their wellness journeys in handheld form.

Whether you need a weight loss app to reduce obesity risk or a general health app to build better habits, your app store provides plenty of options to improve your wellbeing.


Are you one of the 50% of Canadians who intend to use food deliveries at least once a week as a convenient way to enjoy a break from cooking?

Ordering take-out is a great way to satisfy your cravings without too much hassle at the end of a long day. Yet, the usual options often include some ingredients that might conflict with your pledge to eat better after the excesses of the festive season.

first appointment with a registered dietitian

Congratulations! You've taken the big step towards achieving your goals! Here are some information to help you be well prepared for your first appointment:

Meeting my dietitian - where do I go?

If you scheduled an appointment in person, the address and directions to the office are included in the confirmation email. For appointments by videoconference, you will receive a login link from your dietitian prior to your appointment. There is no need to download anything. The link will take you there!

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 It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce our new continued education partnership with Dietitians of Canada.

Supporting Dietitians from coast to coast

Guided by our philosophy of excellence, we firmly believe that continued professional growth is crucial for quality nutrition services. With this value at heart, we are proud to have been chosen by Dietitians of Canada to contributes to their online training program.

Contact you nutritionist - dietitian, it is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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