Top 10 Recipes for Holiday Potluck

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A Recipe for Holiday Potluck

With the holidays just around the corner, what better way to prepare for the holidays than to plan a potluck-style meal. This shared meal allows all the guests to bring a dish prepared at home, in addition to allowing them to taste different flavours. Here are 10 recipes that are perfect for lightening the host's load. 

1. “Butter Board” with goat cheese and figs 

A dish with a beautiful presentation, nothing better! The concept is simple, spread some cream cheese on a board and then garnish it with nuts, fruits, arugula... let the creativity flow! It is also possible to make this recipe in a sweet version.

2. Fig tapenade 

Ideal recipe to cook in advance. Put it on a biscuit or as a side dish with meat. 

3. Baked cheese sticks

Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, these sticks are a hit.  

4. Lacquered Pork Meatballs with Green Apple and Basil

This recipe is both sweet and full of freshness with the apples and basil. 

5. Roasted Turkey with Cranberries

Turkey, probably the most traditional holiday dish, is a must-have on the table. Here's a different version of the turkey, which was decided to be roasted for its shorter cooking time. 

6. Holiday Salad

A salad that requires little preparation and adds color to the plate, a winning dish to bring!

7. Grilled Asparagus, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Bouquets

These gourmet asparagus will add a crunch to the meal (in addition to bringing another type of vegetable to your plate).

8. Hazelnut Chocolate Bliss Balls (Ferrero Rocher)

Finishing the meal with a sweet touch, these chocolate balls are fun to make and enjoy. Great activity to do with the family. 

9. Clementine Yule log with chocolate ganache

The Yule log, a timeless dessert. This log recipe can be baked in advance and frozen. It will be a real eye-catcher for your guests.


10. Pomegranate Mocktail

Making a non-alcoholic beverage is perfect to accompany a Christmas dinner, and is suitable for kids and adults alike. 

Happy meal preparation and enjoyment, but most of all, happy holidays!

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