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Mindfulness tips to stop overeating, equipenutrition, teamnutrition

We all overeat from time to time. Christmas and Thanksgiving are often prime examples. Food is a large part of these special occasions, where people enjoy the holiday spirit, good company, and good food. But what if we find ourselves overeating more often or regularly then we’d like to?

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No, this is not a typo. We are talking about nutritioniSM, a concept that most of us use frequently, without even realizing it!

A little explanation

Nutritionism is a concept that says that we can determine the value of a food by the nutrients it contains. Eggs? Cholesterol. Dairy products? Calcium. That's why we often hear that some foods are better than others or that some are to be avoided. It's the belief that if you eat only good nutrients (not foods), you will be healthier.

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Is eating well complicated? Is it hard to achieve for you? If you take the time to plan your weekly menu, you only have to worry about it once a week. When asked "what's for dinner", you can answer: "it's on my menu"!

As a dietitian, I invite you to save even more time by trying this method below. It's for busy people or those who simply don't feel like cooking every night.

Nutritionist, dietitian, naturopath; what are the differences? teamnutrition, equipenutrition

Nutritionist, dietitian, naturopath... Are you one of those people who have trouble distinguishing these terms? Rest assured, you are not alone! This article will help you to see more clearly.

Dietitian-nutritionist: two titles, one profession 

In Quebec, the reserved titles "dietitian" and "nutritionist" refer to the same profession. A reserved title can only be used by members of a professional order, whose objective is to protect the public primarily by limiting the risk of harmful consequences (1).

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According to the 2020 Food and Health Survey published by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), a survey of more than 1,011 Americans, 43% of Americans follow a specific diet (1). The ketogenic diet is the 3rd most popular, with 8% of those surveyed following this diet (1), compared to 6% following this diet in 2019 and 3% in 2018 (2).

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Healthy eating is essential for a healthy retirement! Eating a variety of foods in sufficient quantities will help you maintain your energy level and quality of life over the long term. Healthy eating habits promote good mental health, reduce the risk or slow the progression of certain chronic diseases and also prevent the loss of muscle and bone mass to limit the risk of falls or fractures (1).

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Good nutrition is more than a matter of physical wellness; it is also about shoring up your mental state. Knowing exactly what to eat when you're feeling low or just need a shot of energy can help you make sound nutritional choices.

From veggies and fruit to grains and desserts, make mood-boosting foods a regular part of your diet to feel good inside and out.
Registered Dietitian approved, here are the top 10 foods to boost your mood. 

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Yes and no! While it’s true that we must reduce our consumption, salt is not our enemy either.

It's no secret that consuming large amounts of salt can, in the long term, represent a health risk. However, it is also important to make a few nuances.

An essential nutrient

Salt (also called sodium chloride) is an ingredient, composed of two molecules: chlorine and sodium. It is white table salt. Sodium is a mineral. It is found in food (for example, in vegetables!) and in our bodies.

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What's so good about it?

Optimization of time spent in the kitchen Mental freedom (reduced mental load) Increase in nutritional density Avoidance of food waste Savings in groceries Maximize your health capital by having less processed foods Ease of access to nutritious foods to keep your energy levels stable throughout the day and avoid looking for fast foods that are often higher in fat, sugar and salt.

We can hear you:


Have you ever noticed that, from day to day, you can have an ogre appetite as well as a bird appetite? How can this be explained?

You’ve probably already felt it. When we are very hungry, we tend to serve ourselves larger quantities of food and consume it faster than we should, in order to soothe this feeling of urgency. Usually, when you're hungry like a wolf, a quick-service burger easily wins over our leftover salad.

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Are some types of sugars better than others? Not really. That’s a myth.

What does maple syrup, agave syrup, white sugar, brown sugar and honey have in common? They are all sugars! Some are less refined or sweeter than others... There is something for everyone's taste buds. However, when we digest them, our body transforms them all into a single molecule: glucose. This is what our brains and muscles like best, it's their main fuel!

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Spinach can be purchased fresh or frozen, often ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook. It’s a green vegetable that is easy to digest and low in FODMAPs. Spinach can be enjoyed raw in salads, incorporated in a meal or as a side dish. But, if you limit yourself to that, it can quickly become boring. Get off the beaten path and check out how it can be versatile!

Here's our dietitian expert suggestions for tasty spinach options for your plate!

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