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In sports nutrition, the first line of intervention of nutritionists with athletes is to ensure adequate nutritional intake according to needs and performance objectives. These different aspects were discussed in a previous training session (for more details, we invite you to read our French article : the ABC of sports nutrition).


When it comes to eating, the choices we make are influenced by a lot of factors! Here is a short guide to help you make better food choices, the easiest way possible.

What can guide our food choices

1. Food preferences

Everyone has their own tastes and food preferences. The flavours, textures and colors we prefer are good indicators to help us choose our next meal. We don’t need to stop ourselves from eating what we like!

2. Nutrients

food dietitian advice

Are you looking to add new ingredients to your diet, but want to go gradually? Seeds are perfect for that! Versatile, high in protein and rich in fiber, here are a few must-haves to add to your next recipe!


Concussion (or mild traumatic brain injury) is a common injury among youth and adolescents involved in sports (1). Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the literature on the role of nutritional interventions in the treatment of concussion (2), suggesting an increased interest in the role of nutrition in the recovery from this type of injury. Although studies are still very limited, the role of nutrition in concussion recovery is being increasingly observed.


What exactly do we mean when we talk about diet culture? It includes all the unhealthy behaviors that can be associated with food.


According to a recent article published in the Journal de Québec, the pandemic has made Quebecers gain weight. 2 out of 5 Quebecers have gained weight in the last 14 months. Indeed, the pandemic and the sanitary measures have drastically changed our lifestyle and, for some, our eating habits. However, is there any reason to be concerned? 


The slogan "more is better" does not apply to supplements at all. Although they are very popular, they are not recommended for everyone. Before taking a supplement, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. 

savoured water dietitian advice

Often neglected, water is nevertheless essential to the regular functioning of the daily reactions that take place in our body. 


With the arrival of good weather and the sun coming out, we are slowly starting to fill up on vitamin D. But why is this vitamin so important and why do we need the sun to benefit from it?


Are you trying to find a dietitian? It can be hard to find the right professional to suit your needs, but this handy local guide will give you all the answers.

For a breakdown of the best ways to find a registered dietitian whether that's a local dietitian in Toronto, a dietician in Calgary and Edmonton, or any other city, then this article has you covered. Keep reading, and we'll help you look at the important things in order to find a dietician to fit your needs!


When you received your medication, the pharmacist mentioned that you should avoid taking grapefruit with certain medications? This is not a recommendation to be taken lightly. In some cases, citrus fruits and medication are not a good match!

Registered Dietitian Counseling

It can be hard to know where to turn if you’re looking for genuine, helpful, and safe nutrition guidance that is adapted to your needs and objectives. That’s why you need to learn about dietitians and how a dietitian can help you reach your goals.

Read on for the real facts about seeing a registered dietitian.

Contact you nutritionist - dietitian, it is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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