Reinvent Yourself - Plan to Eat Better

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Exchange of a salad bowl

Is eating well complicated? Is it hard to achieve for you? If you take the time to plan your weekly menu, you only have to worry about it once a week. When asked "what's for dinner", you can answer: "it's on my menu"!

As a dietitian, I invite you to save even more time by trying this method below. It's for busy people or those who simply don't feel like cooking every night.

Refill your plate

Select one of the elements of your meal and cook twice, sometimes even three times as much. Then, much like repainting a room to give it a new complexion, refill with those same ingredients by changing one aspect of it. For example, a plate of roasted vegetables can be transformed into a ratatouille-style pot salad by adding feta cheese and a simple herb vinaigrette. Here are some further ideas

Start with Dijon Salmon

Turn it into... a Salmon Burger

Can also reinvent itself into... some Creamy Salmon and Broccoli Pasta

Enjoy some Boiled Fingeling Potatoes as a side dish

Turn them into... a Warm Tofu and Pomegranate Salad

Can also reinvent itself into... Canned Salmon and Potatoes Patties

Try some Marinated Tofu

Turn it into... the star of a Veggie Poke Bowl

Can also reinvent itself into... Fresh Tofu Spring Rolls

Now it's your turn to create 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 recipe combinations!

Weekends and early weekdays are often the time to cook in meal-prep mode. The slow cooker is a wonderful tool for that! You can easily cook 8 to 12 servings with no fuss, like this recipe for Beef Stew with Red Wine.

Meanwhile, while the oven is on, you can take advantage of it to prepare a one-pot meal, such as a batch of muffins for breakfast or crispy chickpeas for a snack!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist