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Our corporate nutrition services are a sure value

Our nutritionists help Canadian SMEs offer an extraordinary employee experience through conferences and workshops that energize your teams. Companies that support ÉquipeNutrition

Compagnies qui supportent ÉquipeNutrition

Our corporate nutrition services are tailored and tested to exceed your employees' expectations

Through our extensive experience, we have created a range of services adapted to the needs and interests of employees:

- Health and nutrition conferences on practical, enjoyable, and diverse topics, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes.
- Culinary workshops designed in a dynamic and enriching manner for your coffee breaks or virtual happy hours.
- Individual nutrition consultations with a nutritionist to provide personalized support to each person, with insurance receipts for reimbursement.
- Periodic nutrition challenges to keep motivation high for healthy and enjoyable eating!
- Discounted membership in our FIT Program, which includes a variety of virtual workouts, recipes tailored to your employees' goals, nutrition advice in video format, and over $300 in discounts on a selection of wellness products.
- Choice of themed programs over 6 months on mental health, stress, active lifestyles, and/or mindful and intuitive eating for long-term health maintenance.
- Can't find what you're looking for in our list? No worries, we'll create a customized program according to your expectations.

Attraction and retention of employees

The new generations of workers in the job market are no longer just looking for challenges but also for employers who are more environmentally responsible, more human, and who contribute socially. With 38% of workers under 40 considering changing jobs [1], it is in your interest to improve your retention power by standing out with an extraordinary employee experience!

Enhancement of team cohesion

Interactive activities organized at work promote exchanges and strengthen bonds between colleagues. Cohesion is important for productivity levels, especially when positions are remote. Build a stronger team that will want to continue working together.

Maintenance of health capital

Nutrition is an undeniable pillar of health and a popular topic that captures interest. Preserve the health capital of your employees with personalized advice from true food experts.

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How to choose conferences that will truly benefit your workers?

With 38% of employees under 40 considering a career change [1], one way to retain them is to listen to them. Their current concerns include:

  • Mental health and stress management: 40% of the workforce suffers from mental health issues [1], and 47% feel exhausted [3] during a typical workday.
  • Weight management: 2 out of 5 people admit to gaining weight in the past year and a half [4]. Nutritionists are the professional experts who understand the complexity of weight management and its psychological and social implications.
  • Social responsibility: Companies that commit to making more environmentally friendly decisions have better attracting and engagement power in return. Reduce the cost associated with employee turnover and contribute to a good cause so that your company's health has positive impacts on the health of the planet!

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