TeamNutrition in your Company

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Did you know that TeamNutrition travels to your workplace?

Using ÉquipeNutrition's nutritionists means offering an enriching, different and fun activity that will pay off for you! Focus on the well-being of your employees and see your return on investment:

  • an atmosphere rich in energy
  • reducing absenteeism from work
  • increase in productivity
  • healthy employees for the company's longevity

The health of a company depends on the health of its employees! Promoting well-being and health, our team of nutritionist-lecturers is professional, dynamic and motivating. The format of our conferences is largely adaptable, lasting 45 to 90 minutes.

Choose from our selection of popular health conferences

  • Eating to increase energy - be more productive at work
  • Informed choices at restaurants and for lunches
  • Reading and understanding nutrition labels
  • Great food for small budgets - Eating well at a low price
  • Eating well, even under stress
  • How to maintain a healthy weight - Conscious and intuitive nutrition
  • Successful weight loss - Habits and choices to make for successful weight loss
  • Eating to perform - Sports nutrition

Or, propose us your original idea! 

Our nutritionists will adapt everything for you, according to your needs.

Contact us now to find out our rates and book your nutrition conference: 1-877-260-5535

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