Mental Health at the Heart of Corporate Concerns

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"The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of mental health and the threats it currently poses to our mental health." 

- Mental Health Commission of Canada 

The importance of healthy stress management

In a climate of high uncertainty and constant adaptation, the stress levels of workers have increased dramatically in recent months. While some overcome it naturally, others need more resources to regain a good work-life balance and maintain good mental health.

A study (Brooks and al 2020) cited by the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services estimates that the effects of the pandemic would extend far beyond what one might think; depressive symptoms that can be measured up to 3 years later.

Listed below are other harmful and directly visible repercussions in the workplace that may be a sign poor stress management:

  • repeated absences and frequent punctuality problems;
  • low morale;
  • a lack of cooperation or a general inability to work with colleagues;
  • decreased productivity;
  • an increase in work accidents or safety problems, a decrease in caution;
  • frequent complaints of fatigue or the presence of unexplained pain;
  • problems with concentration, difficulty in making decisions, problems with memory;
  • difficulty meeting deadlines or doing quality work;
  • decreased interest or application at work.

Source: Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University, website, April 14, 1998.

Don't wait to suffer the consequences of poor stress management among your workers!

How can our program help?

The proposed activities aim to meet these primary needs: 

→ Facilitate adaptation and maintain good productivity with teleworking

→ Maintain strong links between colleagues thanks to team building (even remotely)

→ Become aware of the harmful nourishment mechanisms in response to stress

→ Prevent the harmful consequences of poor stress management 

Here is an overview of what is included in the corporate stress management program. For more information, contact one of our representatives who will be happy to give you all the details.

If you want to organize nutrition activities in YOUR business, don't wait any longer. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you as well as helping you make the work experience more enjoyable!

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