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Autumn is upon us and school is already well under way. This means that the evening routine is restarted. Between the different parents' meetings at the beginning of the year, the resumption of sports or extracurricular activities in the evening and homework, you may not always have the time or the energy to cook and eat in a balanced way. 

Here are 3 tips to prevent weekly meals from becoming a chore. 


There are many reasons to lose weight: to manage a health problem or prevent the onset of chronic diseases, feel more energetic and live life to the fullest, reach new heights in sport, etc. And it is not difficult to lose weight. There are thousands of slimming products and weight management companies that guarantee results ... So, what's wrong? 

Only 6 weeks before the big day 

Those who train in running will know what it is: the famous marathon of Montreal. Normally, at this time of the season, the distance you have selected should seem workable and training not only started but progress should be noticeable. Whether you are registered at a distance of 5 km, 10 km, half marathon or marathon, you want your event to be held in the best possible conditions. Here are my nutritional tips to prepare for it. 

Get ready for the weather ... and MOISTURIZED!

In time for summer, stay hydrated for a healthy weight
Heat wave in sight! Terrace, pool and 5 @ 7 are at the rendezvous. 

Staying hydrated is part of healthy daily habits. When the degrees rise on the thermometer, the need is all the more felt. And let's face it, with the beautiful season, the desire and the opportunities to sip a little something are more frequent. 


Conscious-intuitive feeding is a concept that moves away from the idea of dietary restriction, in other words diet (which often leads to weight gain) and from good or bad foods.

cartoon food board

Despite all the efforts to maintain weight or lose weight, are you a part of the 60% of the population of Quebec that is overweight? You are not alone, and this statistic continues to grow. 

Therefore, it is important to understand that weight gain is not just a personal difficulty or a lack of food knowledge, but rather a social issue in which we tend to be influenced. Nowadays, being overweight is now the norm. 

pantry essentials food nutrition

Some weeks are busier than others and it’s normal to run out of time to plan our meals of the week. 

This list of pantry essentials contains items that help create a healthy meal, even when planning isn’t an option. These are basic ingredients that are often used in recipes and most of them can be kept for a long time, as well as being inexpensive and are very versatile. 


Maybe money doesn’t grow on trees but rather ... in our leftovers! What if I told you that you could make some of your purchases profitable by making them grow again?

Garlic, celery, green onions, lettuce; we buy these products every week! If we select their organic version, we have here a great opportunity to have organic vegetables on hand all year long, at a low price. In addition, you do not need to have a green thumb to succeed. 

 See for yourself :


Meat substitutes are becoming more and more popular. Contrary to popular belief, these are products that are not exclusively made for the neighbor or the vegan cousin! They are delicious products, as well as being good for your health. Tofu is not the only representative of this category, there is also tempeh! 


In the future, could we really trade our steak for insects? It’s a whimsical subject, but it doesn’t sound very appetizing!

At first glance, ‘’Eating insects’’ or entomophagy seems strange for us Quebecers-North-Americans-member-of-the-industrialized-world. It’s normal, insects are not part of our eating habits... unless they make their way in our plate inadvertently ;).

However, in Asia and Africa, a variety of insects are consumed on a regular basis and that by a large number of people (2 millions) !


It’s summer time YAY! We’re so lucky to have such a warm summer, but it seems like we always feel like eating refreshing food and we sometimes lack inspiration. Here’s our TOP 10 recipes for hot days #everydayofsummer!

sugar lips nutrition
Sugar addiction

"I would like to eat less sugar, but I feel like I'm addicted," you would say. 

"It's very likely! "I would say to you. 

Humans adorrrrrrre sugar, yes because it tastes very good but also for a prehistoric and physiological reason. 

At the time of Cro-Magnon, being so naturally attracted to carbohydrates allowed prehistoric men to make sure to eat and survive, among other things!

But let's go back to the current time. 

Contacting your nutritionist - dietitian is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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