Top 5 Boreal Products Recommended by Registered Dietitians

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Fresh Fiddleheads

When it comes to choosing healthy and delicious foods, boreal products have a lot to offer. The vast northern regions of Canada are filled with culinary treasures that can not only satisfy our taste buds but also contribute to a balanced diet. We are excited to present to you the selection of the top five boreal products as recommended by the registered dietitians at TeamNutrition. These choices are inspired by the unique flavours of the region that can be incorporated into delicious recipes.

1. Lobster Mushrooms

Boreal lobster mushrooms are a true culinary find. Rich in umami flavour, they add depth to your dishes. Ideal for adding to risottos or sautéed with fresh herbs as a side dish, lobster mushrooms are sure to impress you. It's worth noting that dried lobster mushrooms from Racines boréales can be just as interesting as fresh ones and have actually been used in this Creamy Quinoa with Lobster Mushrooms and Boreal Salmon recipe.

2. Organic Haskaps

Organic haskaps are boreal berries with hints of blueberries and plums. They can be frozen to ensure you have them year-round. They can be easily added to smoothies or pastries for a touch of tartness or used in homemade jam with meat dishes to bring a boreal freshness to your meals. We love their versatility and fruity taste!

3. Quebec Birch Syrup

We're familiar with maple syrup in Quebec, but have you heard of birch syrup? Made by boiling birch sap for an extended period, the result is a thick, dark, and flavourful syrup. Thanks to its molasses-like taste but with more woody notes, the syrup pairs well with vanilla ice cream or drizzled over vegetables. It's a beautiful Quebec product to discover.

4. Fresh Fiddleheads

Fresh fiddleheads are a boreal treasure. They can be steamed or sautéed and consumed as a side dish for a delicate flavour and crunchy texture. For those who have never tasted fiddlehead ferns, they are comparable to asparagus with hints of green beans. A lovely touch of green to add to your dishes!

5. White Sweet Clover

White sweet clover, a boreal aromatic herb, adds a floral and sweet note to your dishes. Its taste is often compared to vanilla, which is why it's nicknamed "boreal vanilla" or "northern vanilla." Use it to flavour desserts, infusions, or herbal teas for a subtle and fragrant boreal touch.

By incorporating boreal products into your favourite recipes, you'll have an exceptional taste experience while supporting the purchase of local products. In fact, Racines boréales is a specialty store that focuses on superb boreal products. All the products mentioned above can be found in their online shop!

Contact a registered dietitian from TeamNutrition now for guidance in your dietary choices, to learn more about Quebec products, and the benefits of adding them to your daily life!

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