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Did you know that it is possible to consult a dietitian without having a specific health problem? In fact, sometimes people want to improve their health, but they don't really know where to start. Fortunately, our team is there to help! Here are a few comments* from satisfied clients who have been accompanied by TeamNutrition!

*The following reviews were translated

For passionate and attentive professionals...

A warm and professional welcome with a personalized follow-up! The most enriching experience, which leads me on the path to health in the healthiest way possible. I came out of it equipped and ready to face my daily life. A beautiful gift from me to me :-)


(...) Maude Bélanger is great! We set small goals every week and it works! I won't go back to my old bad habits. She is very involved and I feel she is passionate about her work. I learn a lot from her about nutrition, training, etc. This is not the first time I have consulted a dietitian, but it is the first time that I feel I am in good hands and that the changes I am making are realistic for my lifestyle.


I had the pleasure of seeing Dominique who helped me tremendously in changing my lifestyle and regaining my self-confidence. She is an excellent dietitian, understanding, full of solutions, and ready to help in a person's journey to health. I highly recommend her.


For personalized and evidence-based advice...

I consulted Katrina to build my knowledge of what I eat. I A-D-O-R-E-D each consultation, as they were well constructed and resulted in a clear, yet attainable goal. In fact, I found it motivating to have small goals. Katrina did a great job of following up and giving me several options. (...) Finally, Katrina explained the different concepts very well, which made everything more understandable. I would definitely recommend her services.


I have never had such significant results on my health as with the TeamNutrition approach. Changes that are easy to maintain in the long term. (TO HELL with all the other popular methods found on the internet) I should have done this before!



For technological support...

I really appreciated my follow-up with Erika Lechuga. She was able to help me better adapt my diet to my needs. I especially liked working with the application [keenoa] which allows the dietitian to really see our eating habits change. I recommend her 100%.



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