6 Seeds to Include in Your Diet According to Our Dietitians

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Are you looking to add new ingredients to your diet, but want to go gradually? Versatile, high in protein and rich in fiber, seeds are perfect for that!

Here are a few must-haves to add to your next recipe!

1. Hemp

Shelled hemp seeds are definitely an essential! They are slightly crunchy and add a subtle nutty flavor to our plates. They are also very rich in protein: 3 tablespoons provide almost 10 grams of protein. They can be sprinkled on pasta, incorporated into homemade granola bars or turned into a plant-based beverage!

2. Chia

Chia is an excellent source of several nutrients, including selenium and vitamin B3. It is available in many forms: whole white or black seeds, ground seeds or even enriched with probiotics. With its mucilaginous properties, it can replace eggs in many recipes. You can make a breakfast bowl, a pudding, and even a breakfast crumble

3. Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds are a source of various minerals: iiron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. They are usually sold shelled and green, but it is also possible to roast them yourself: in the fall, you can collect the seeds from the pumpkin you plan to decorate! And they add a little color and crunchiness to our dishes. We can add them to our salads, soups, veggie burgers or simply by making our own energy balls.

4. Flax

Flax seeds are a must. They can be found whole or ground, although they are easier to digest when ground. They are a good source of omega-3 and an excellent source of fiber. This is why they can help relieve constipation for some people. They are so versatile that you can add them to any dish! Why not try them in chocolate and orange cookies, in a black forest chocolate mousse or even in homemade crackers?

5. Poppy

Beyond the popular poppy and lemon pairing, poppy seeds can be added to almost any dish. With its pine and hazelnut taste, poppies are packed with nutrients, including calcium (amazing for a seed) ! Because they are so small, poppies can be hidden in smoothies, but can also be featured on homemade bagels.

Why add seeds to our plates?

Cooking with these seeds is a very easy way to enhance your diet. However, they are not magic and should not be given powers that they do not have. They are, however, an easy way to add nutrients, texture, color and flavour to our dishes. Looking for new ideas to vary your diet? Our team of dietitian is there for you! 

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