How to save money and eat healthy?

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How to save money on your grocery bill, nutritionist style

You throw away a lot more food than you think! Each year, 95-115 kilograms of food per person are wasted in Canada [1], without even counting the surpluses directly dumped in the field, or lost during the distribution process.

This represents an amount of almost $ 771 [2] annually, directly from our food budget! Sad to know that we are all responsible for this mess … But the way I see it: we also have the largest share of power to bring about change!

Read more to find some ways to reverse the situation and thus, kill two birds with one stone: (not literally, I love birds)

Reduce the food waste we produce annually and save on your grocery bill!

Save $ 771 right now on food by :

1. Making an inventory.

What do you have in the refrigerator? In the freezer? It would be too bad to have to throw food simply because we forgot its existence … I know, it happens to us all! 

To help yourself, use transparent containers and rely on the figure on the right for the shelf life of the food. 

2. Buy only what you need 

Plan the meals you will be eating for the next few days and prepare a list before you go to the grocery store. So avoid impulse buying and product accumulation beyond your eater abilities. 

3. Eat vegetables more often 

The main reason why we throw out our tired vegetables after several days is because they have not been eaten! Come on, the possibilities are endless!

Use creativity to recycle your leftovers And give them a second life. You still have turkey and potatoes tucked away since the holidays? Check this out!

4. Collect leftovers from the table to grow them

Follow these steps! 

Reducing our food waste is beneficial to our wallet, that’s clear. And as a bonus, our planet will feel better. Collectively, we have enormous power to change the disastrous waste statistics. Really, every gesture counts!

 [1] Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture, Pertes et gaspillages alimentaires dans le monde, 2011

 [2] Denise Proulx, 2013, Les Québécois champions du gaspillage alimentaire, TVA nouvelles.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist