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Meet Karine, an Inspiration for Change

Karine's story is one shared by many. With the help of Team Nutrition, she managed to lose weight and lower her cholesterol. But the greatest challenge came afterward: maintaining her new weight. Like many, Karine regained weight, and three years later, 30 of the 50 lbs she had lost came back. That's when she discovered KoalaPro Support+.

An Innovative Solution Born from Lived Experience

Inspired by Karine's challenges, we created KoalaPro Support+. If we could have closely monitored her weight and cholesterol fluctuations, we could have intervened earlier to help her maintain her results and prevent weight regain.

Here's what Karine says:

“If I had had access to such a service earlier, I could have avoided many difficulties and maintained my results in the long run.” - Karine

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KoalaPro Support+, Designed for Your Health Journey

Do you see yourself in Karine's experience? KoalaPro Support+ was created with suggestions like hers in mind, specifically for those who aspire to long-term good health. Even without regular consultations, your nutritionist will have access to your data and can support you at the right time, helping you maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

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Three Pillars for Your Success with KoalaPro Support+

1. Direct Messaging

Use chat for regular contact with your nutritionist, a feature designed for dynamic exchanges. Karine appreciated this practical approach, ideal for getting quick responses when needed, whether to overcome a challenge or share a victory.

2. Dynamic Support Groups

Keep your motivation strong. Karine yearned for a space for sharing and mutual encouragement, particularly to adopt better eating habits and promote regular physical activity. These groups, led by dietitians, are a hub of exchange and support, essential for those aiming to transform their lifestyle.

3. Smart Alerts

Thanks to this feature, your nutritionist receives alerts in case of significant variations in your health data, allowing them to react quickly to help you stay on track.

Join Our Movement for Sustainable Change

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Join the waitlist for the exclusive opportunity to access the launch offer!

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