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Direct Messaging: Your Direct Channel for Nutritional Advice Between Consultations

KoalaPro Support + Direct Messaging revolutionizes your access to nutritional support by offering a chat system with your dietitian-nutritionist. This feature transforms your nutritional support into an ongoing conversation, enabling in-depth discussions and advice when you need it most.

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Discover the Potential of Your Exchanges

A consultation is just one hour out of 168 in a week. KoalaPro Support + Direct Messaging elevates your dietitian's support to a new level, offering unprecedented responsiveness.

Benefit from timely, tailored advice regardless of your health or performance goal:

  • Healthy Eating: Discuss your daily food choices. Your nutritionist can guide you towards healthier alternatives, help you decipher product labels, and motivate you to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Weight Loss: Share your meals and physical activities to receive personalized advice tailored to your progress and specific goals. Messaging allows for a quick response to challenges encountered, such as cravings or meal choices in social situations.
  • Sports Nutrition: Enhance performance and recovery with practical advice, including energizing snacks before exercise and recovery drinks after, tailored to the intensity and timing of your workouts.
  • Digestive Health: Keep a symptom diary and discuss reactions to certain foods. Your dietitian will help you identify problematic foods and adjust your diet to reduce digestive discomforts.
  • Management of Specific Conditions (e.g., diabetes, cholesterol): Engage in constructive dialogue for optimized management of conditions such as cholesterol and diabetes, with dietary advice tailored to your reality.
  • Vegetarianism: Plan complete and nutritious meals, with personalized support to balance your nutritional intake and suggestions for protein substitutions suited to your preferences.

And more, the advice is tailored to your goals, regardless of your situation. This method ensures recommendations are precisely adapted, promoting your progression towards well-being with every interaction.

Interested in this service? Ask your registered dietitian to activate KoalaPro Support + access. Available only in addition to your consultations with your professional and as a new subscription tier separate from KoalaPro Premium.

Explore the Possibilities With KoalaPro Support +

Support Groups: Share and Learn Together

Support groups introduced by KoalaPro Support + offer a collaborative space where you can share experiences, challenges, and successes with others who have similar goals, all under the watchful eye of your nutritionist.

The "Big Sister" Feature: Your Journey Companion

This feature looks out for you, signaling your nutritionist when you might benefit from extra encouragement or an adjustment in your journey, thus ensuring proactive support at every step.

Gamification: Learning Through Play

With playful elements, every small step towards your goal becomes a source of renewed motivation. Accumulate points, take on challenges, and celebrate every victory on the path to well-being.

Join the KoalaPro Support + Adventure

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KoalaPro Support + redefines the boundaries of nutritional support, bringing you closer than ever to your dietitian. Are you ready to transform your approach to well-being? The future of digital nutrition awaits you.

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