Keenoa App : What Are the Advantages for You and Your Customers ?

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Taking a picture of a soup with an iphone

What is the Keenoa app?

Keenoa is a bilingual smart food journal designed for dietitians - nutritionists. The application allows our clients to take pictures of their meal, and the application identifies foods on the image. The client can identify the foods as needed and adjust the servings, which allows for accurate calculation of the nutritional value of the meals.  

Keenoa has several features to maximize the customer experience:

  • The "meal creator" option (e.g., "salad" or "pasta") specifically identifies the composition of a composed meal.
  • A barcode reader is available to quickly and accurately determine the nutritional value of certain commercial foods (e.g., granola bar). 
  • A few questions about eating habits and behaviors (e.g., "Why are you about to eat?") as well as hunger and satiety levels are also asked.  

Nutritionists have real-time access to photos, nutritional values and eating behavior data . Access to complete nutritional data and control of data sharing to the client is in the hands of the nutritionist. 

What are the advantages for your clients?

Dynamic and user-friendly! The application avoids the tedious note-taking of a traditional food journal. A simple photo of the meal and the answer to a few questions saves time. In addition, according to the new Canadian clinical practice guidelines for obesity, the use of technological strategies results in significantly greater weight loss and better clinical outcomes for obese patients (1). 

To learn more about the benefits to your clients, you can read our article on the subject.  

What are the benefits for us as professionals? 

More objective and complete information to intervene 

Access to photos and detailed nutritional reports allows for a more complete calculation of micro and macronutrient intake, which allows us to have :

  • More personalized and precise recommendations based on the conclusions drawn from the observations.
  • A more precise calculation of key nutrients to monitor in certain pathologies.
  • A better understanding of eating habits allowing suggestions that are in line with the habits, values and preferences of our clients (foods, recipes, products, etc.).
  • A better objectivity of the information reported by the client.
  • An overview of the diet over a longer period of time, given the ease of collecting data.

Here is a specific example of information collected by the application:

The control of access to nutritional data is one of the most differentiating aspects from other similar applications. It allows the client to focus on changing behaviors and eating habits rather than on nutrient values and calculations which, for some, can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and cognitive restriction that can lead to an over-focus on nutritional values. 

It is also possible for the professional to provide access to certain targeted data for the client, such as access to carbohydrates for a diabetic or iron for someone with anemia. This allows the client to have the necessary information to reach their goals without creating food obsessions. 

Keenoa also allows you to observe the prandial rhythm during the day, which represents valuable information in certain cases, such as for weight loss or a diabetic person, to evaluate the carbohydrate boluses during the day for example. 

Measure compliance 

The application also allows the validation of understanding or compliance with subsequent recommendations more objectively, allowing to review concepts or validate the presence of obstacles for the client. 

Add a behavioral dimension to the diet

Another notable benefit is the identification of eating behavioral issues, based on conscious-intuitive eating concepts (e.g. why our clients eat, what their hunger and satiety levels are, etc.). 

Personalized food reports

The Keenoa application also allows you to create and provide you with a personalized nutrition report as needed, such as this example: 

In short, the Keenoa application offers TeamNutrition's registered dietitians much more information than the traditional food journal and increases the quality of nutritional interventions. 

Thus, calling upon one of our dietitians allows for a more personalized accompaniment according to the needs and eating habits of the client, which contributes positively to obtain  quick and positive results. 

(1) Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines. Emerging Technologies and Virtual Medicine in Obesity Management (Online).
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