5 Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

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As you've probably noticed, grocery store prices are rising very quickly, especially since January 2022 (1). Here are 5 tips to help you save money on your next grocery bill.

1. Plan Your Meals

Deciding in advance which meals you will cook during the week allows you to make a realistic grocery list and therefore to buy only the quantities of food needed according to the chosen recipes. Planning ahead will also reduce the stress of meal preparation.

2. Eat More Plant-Based Proteins

Beef, chicken and fish were among the products whose prices rose the most in January 2022 (1). Discovering a new vegetarian dish and/or replacing meat with a plant-based protein in your favorite recipes could go a long way toward lowering your grocery costs, as well as having a positive impact on the environment. Try our 50/50 Meatloaf with turkey and TVP, you won't be disappointed!

3. Buy Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables are less expensive than those sold fresh and retain all their health benefits (they are not processed). In a spaghetti sauce, soup, stir-fry, smoothie or fruity dessert, your frozen fruits and vegetables will be eaten without anyone noticing.

4. Cook More Often

Keep in mind that when you buy ready-to-eat meals, you're also paying for the labour that prepared them for you. So cooking your own baked goods, snacks and meals can lower your grocery bill. Try our whole wheat bagels, homemade Clif double chocolate bars or any other recipes on our website instead of buying ready-to-eat.

5. Giving a Second Life to Your Recipes

Avoid wasting your meals can definitely help you waste less money. You can freeze your recipes when you have too much food or try to turn your leftovers into new meals for flavor variety. For example, if you cook vegetable rice to accompany your meals, you can add seasonings and a protein source to turn it into fried rice. You could also cook a pizza with leftover meats, vegetables and cheese. Grilled vegetables and protein foods can also be added to pasta to make a satisfying meal. In short, there is always a way to give your recipes a second life.

A dietitian-nutritionist can help you plan your meals and change your eating habits. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


1) https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/220216/dq220216a-fra.htm

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