5 Food Wishes for 2022

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1. A Better Relationship with Food

The new year is often synonymous with getting back on track and making resolutions, but it is also frequently accompanied by guilt about what we ate during the holiday season. In 2022, we wish to leave behind this excessive preoccupation with our appearance and what we put on our plate. We wish ourselves to practice food flexibility, to stop seeing what we eat as a simple source of nutrients, to learn to recognize what our body does for us... We wish ourselves a better relationship with food and ourselves.

2. Discounts at the Grocery Store

Yes! With the increase in the price of the grocery basket, we wish ourselves a lot of discounts! Although it doesn't solve the problem, taking advantage of discounts and specials at grocery stores is a great way to reduce our weekly bill. We can also take this opportunity to discover new discounted products or to get creative by trying to cook the ‘’unloved foods’’ that are often discounted because of their appearance (but this is misleading, as these foods are often delicious!).

3. Something New and Audacious

This year, it's time to try new culinary experiences. Although we hope that the situation will return to normal, we don't need to travel all around the world to treat ourselves with dishes that are out of the ordinary. We wish ourselves to be more adventurous, more audacious and more curious when it comes to food. Anything is possible in 2022!

4. The End of Diet Culture

In 2022, we hope to be able to say goodbye to the scale, to move and do physical activity without putting pressure on ourselves, to wear and buy clothes in which we feel comfortable, to learn to listen to our hunger and satiety signals and to eat the foods that make us feel good and that bring us comfort.
To learn more about diet culture, just click here!

5. The Disappearance of Food Misinformation

Whether it is to sell products or because of a lack of scientific rigor, more and more false information regarding nutrition is circulating online. For the new year, we hope to be more vigilant with regards to the information on food and nutrition that we can find! We also hope for better regulation of the unwanted food and diet ads that fall on our heads, especially in January!

Psst! : To start the new year on the right foot, a registered dietitian can be an excellent ally to start a better relation with food and yourself, but also to start to eat in a more balanced and savory way!
Happy New Year!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist