Shrimp and Cajun Pineapple Tacos

Tacos aux crevettes cajun et ananas

These shrimp and Cajun pineapple tacos are perfect for a tasty and light meal. The spicy shrimp is accompanied by juicy pineapple, creating a deliciously balanced combination.

Preparation 30 min
Cooking 15 min
Waiting 10 min
Portion 4

Nutrition Facts (per serving)



  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) of olive oil
  • Juice of ½ lime (or 15 ml / 1 tbsp) and more as needed
  • 5 ml (1 tsp) Cajun spice blend
  • 225 g (½ lb) extra-large shrimp, peeled, frozen, and thawed
  • 30 ml (2 tbsp) mayonnaise
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) plain Greek yogurt, 0% fat
  • 7.5 ml (½ tbsp) hot sauce, like Frank's RedHot
  • 250 ml (1 cup) canned pineapple chunks, drained
  • 8 soft tortillas (we used Keto wrap style by Bon Matin)
  • 250 ml (1 cup) fresh baby spinach
  • 1 medium ripe avocado, thinly sliced
  • 30 ml (2 tbsp) pickled jalapenos
  • Fresh cilantro, to taste


  1. Preheat the barbecue to high heat.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix the olive oil, lime juice, and Cajun spice blend. Add the shrimp and let it marinate for 10 minutes.
  3. In a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, and hot sauce until well combined. Refrigerate for later use.
  4. Thread the marinated shrimp and pineapple chunks onto skewers alternately. Cook the skewers on the barbecue for 5 to 10 minutes on each side, until the shrimp becomes crispy.
  5. While the skewers are cooking, warm the tortillas on the barbecue for about 30 seconds on each side.
  6. To assemble the tacos, place a bed of baby spinach on each tortilla. Add 2 to 3 shrimp and some pineapple pieces removed from the skewers. Top with sliced avocado, pickled jalapenos, fresh cilantro, and an additional drizzle of lime juice to taste. Add the reserved hot sauce mixture.
  7. Serve the tacos immediately.


The assembled tacos should not be refrigerated or frozen. Serve immediately.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist