Dietitian Cooking Workshops

Promote the well-being of your workplace or community with personalized culinary workshops offered by nutrition experts.

Cooking Workshops - Ateliers culinaires

Our cooking workshops are available to various organizations, including such as businesses, schools, municipalities and more. We adapt the workshop to the organization’s needs. These workshops provide valuable cooking and dietary information, including:

  • How to find alternatives to highly processed foods that contain less sugar and preservatives
  • How to create balanced snacks that improve energy levels
  • How to prepare healthy foods quickly and easily
  • How to improve the variety in your weekly menu

Food plays an essential role in the prevention, treatment and management of diseases. Cooking is, therefore, an important aspect of therapy for people with various diseases. TeamNutrition provides cooking workshops to help people improve their health, quality of life and work environment. These services include nutritional counselling services, health coaching and cooking workshops by registered dietitians and nutritionists.

Unlike typical cooking classes by chefs, our cooking workshops emphasize the healthfulness of a meal as much as how delicious and easy the meal is to prepare. We take every opportunity to cook on-site provided a complete kitchen or an adequate space is available. If the space isn’t available, we do virtual classes in the format of a cooking show.

We send you a list of all the requirements, including the ingredients, at least a week before the cooking class to ensure you have all you need to learn. In an effort to support local businesses, we collaborate with them to send you some samples of the ingredients they have on sale.

Cooking Workshops by Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists

Registered dietitians and nutritionists are experts on food and nutrition. Their professional and academic qualifications include an undergraduate in food and nutrition sciences, professional accreditation, registration and licensure. You can trust our food and nutrition experts to provide practical instructions that you can easily incorporate into your current cooking and eating habits.

Our registered dietitians design cooking workshops that comprehensively explore interesting nutritional topics. In addition to providing practical education and conducting engaging activities, the dietitians answer any pressing questions you may have. One of the things we teach is mindful and intuitive eating in which you learn how to discern the signal of fullness and hunger in your body and learn how to prepare the right meals to satisfy these signals.

Health Benefits of Attending Cooking Workshops

Whether it's for a one-time event or part of your employee wellness programs, our nutrition experts will teach employees cooking practices that promote healing and good health. The cooking workshops we offer cover nutritional imbalances, biology and practical ways to translate employees’ health needs into meal plans and cooking schedules. Your employees will be more productive, able to do some home cooking and stay healthy.

The workshops include instructions on cooking methods and techniques that address specific diseases. People with chronic illness or severe disease may need to introduce new foods or remove others from their diets as their health changes throughout their lives. Our dietitians teach you how to filter information, develop a healthy diet plan and safely experiment with ideas. Caregivers, too, stand to benefit from healthy cooking workshops.

Furthermore, our cooking workshops include educating you on food-based macronutrients, allergies, nutritional concerns of restricted diets, alternative diets, and farm-to-table concepts. We also teach you how to prepare meals from whole foods without destroying or wasting any of the foods’ edible parts. Cooking involves more than technique. You need to have a good grasp of food quality and sourcing, and how these factors affect our health and impact disease management.

Enjoy Fun, Tasty Meals While Maintaining Good Health

Unlike experiments carried out in a science or medical lab, our cooking workshops balance taking food seriously while keeping things fun and engaging. We aim to help employees realize that they can maintain good nutrition and still enjoy tasty meals. As a result, we help improve our employees’ quality of life and effectively manage any disease they may have.

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