Nutrition Conferences and Seminars

Are you looking to enrich the health and well-being of your team? Discover our corporate conferences focused on nutrition and wellness. We offer interventions that promote employee health, improve their productivity, and strengthen team cohesion.

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Corporate Nutrition and Health Conferences

1. Healthy Eating, Even When Stressed

Stress is a part of our lives and undoubtedly impacts our appetite, both in terms of the quantities we eat and the foods we prefer. On the other hand, certain foods can limit the damage caused by stress. This presentation will help you to:

  • Understand the physiological mechanisms of stress
  • See how mental and physical health are closely linked
  • Understand why we tend to eat our emotions
  • Awaken to healthy, scientifically proven compensatory behaviors to alleviate stress
  • Optimize key nutrients to better withstand chronic stress
  • Protect the microbiota during periods of stress

This will be followed by a period of open questions.

2. Keeping Morale High During the Winter Months

Discover how diet plays a crucial role in mental health during the winter. This recent nutrition conference covers themes such as the influence of certain nutrients on mood and how mental health is linked to the gut.

3. My Productive Day: Full of Energy

Our recommendations based on the principles of neuro-nutrition are designed to maintain good levels of concentration during studies and prevent energy dips at the end of the day. After attending this conference, you will know:

  • How to optimize your plate to feel full of energy
  • The types of macro and micro nutrients to prioritize
  • If you're drinking too much coffee and what to do to avoid developing a dependency
  • How alcohol and sugar affect our brain
  • The dietary patterns known to slow brain aging
  • Foods to incorporate into your breakfasts, snacks, and dinner during your workday
  • Whether intermittent fasting is favorable for good concentration in the morning

This will be followed by a period of open questions.

4. Reducing Your Ecological Footprint: Adopting Plant-Based Eating

Did you know that you can make a significant difference for the planet and your health by making simple but conscientious food choices? So, let's get to work and start making a positive change, one bite at a time. After this original presentation, you will understand:

  • Why does our current diet accelerate global warming?
  • How can we support the most ecologically friendly production methods?
  • Is organic the solution?
  • How can we promote plant biodiversity through our diets?
  • Where do we stand in relation to the decline of bees?
  • What are the most sustainable foods in terms of proteins, grains, and vegetable products?

This will be followed by a period of open questions.

5. Summer/Winter Locavorism

Discover how to prioritize local foods according to the season. A delicious and supportive choice!

6. A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Discover mindful intuitive eating, a compassionate approach for everyone that leads you to:

  • Understand the negative impacts of restrictive diets and the yo-yo effect
  • Have a holistic view of weight and understand its determinants
  • Better perceive your hunger and satiety signals
  • Incorporate a less guilt-inducing routine to eat mindfully
  • Return to the joy of tasting rather than the rush of overeating
  • Approach your own body image and self-esteem

This will be followed by a period of open questions.

7. The Lunch Ace: Eating Well in No Time

Boost your efficiency and pleasure in planning and preparing the week's meals. Get ready for a burst of culinary inspiration!

8. Eating Well to Move: Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Learn to choose foods that support an active lifestyle and contribute to athletic performance.

9. My Health First

Prevention of major chronic diseases in Canada: high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cancer. Learn how to navigate through contradictory information on the web and make healthy choices for you and your family.

10. Big Feast on a Small Budget

Creating tasty, economical, and nutritious meals in this inflationary context: how to manage?

Under the guidance of the nutritionist, you will be able to:

  • Identify the most appealing foods in their quality/price ratio: cabbage, oats, carrots, tofu, and legumes
  • Revamp these budget super-heroes into inspiring meals suitable for all time management modes (quick meals, meal prep, lunch boxes)
  • Prioritize the nutrients that contribute most to satiety for truly supportive meals
  • Get ideas for incorporating plant proteins more regularly
  • Understand the nutritional value of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables
  • Be aware of the foods that are the black holes of the food budget

The "Great Feast for Small Budgets" enables you to save hundreds of dollars on your annual grocery bill, without sacrificing nutritional and taste value!

Conference Specifications

  • Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Cost: Pricing can vary. Video recording and travel costs are extra.
  • Format: virtual or in-person, according to your preference.

We can also design a customized conference according to your needs. To develop your own preventive health program and learn about additional benefits, contact us at

Why choose our corporate nutrition conferences?

  • Recognized Expertise: Our interventions are led by nutrition and marketing professionals, ensuring relevant and engaging content.
  • Adaptability: Each company is unique. That's why we offer customized conferences, adapted to your specific needs.
  • Interactivity: Our conferences are designed to be interactive, encouraging employee engagement and active participation.
  • Tangible Results: By applying nutrition principles to everyday life, your employees will notice an improvement in their health, energy, and morale.

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Invest in the health of your team, and see the benefits on productivity, engagement, and workplace atmosphere!