Top 10 Recipes for a Healthy, Simple and Delicious Picnic!

Healthy eating
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It’s a classic to bring a bag of chips, candy, chocolate and bread with cheese on a picnic. But it’s totally possible to prepare a few recipes in advance that will bring health and flavour with you. Here all some superb recipes for a colorful picnic.

1. Mexican Salad in a Jar

Super practical! Throw everything in a jar, close it and you’re ready to bring it to your picnic. It’s a perfect recipe to add a bit of spice in your meals with the suggested sriracha, if you feel like it!

2. Veggie Pâté

Our veggie pâté is perfect for a little meal in the great outdoors! All you have to do is bring a good baguette or crackers to enjoy it! You can even serve it with your favourite cheese and some grapes. Yum!

3. Cauliflower Couscous from Ricardo

Children won’t know what hit them when you replace the usual couscous with ground cauliflower! It’s a marvellous way to ensure you eat some vegetables while on your little escape.

4. Infused Water

Most would opt for a soft drink or an alcoholic beverage during a picnic, but it’s so simple to prepare infused water. Also, these refreshing mixes ensure that everyone has proper hydration to fully enjoy the activities on the agenda.

5. Salmon Tartare

For a fancier picnic, bring a tartar and serve it with an avocado mousse.

6. Bring a Dressing Bar

It’s always pleasant to have options because we don’t feel obligated to eat something in particular. With these three dressings, your children will be able to choose their favourite to pair with their salad and their vegetables.

7. Devilled Eggs

So easy to make and a great idea to accompany your salad and insert a beautiful source of protein to your picnic.