Go On Vacation Without Gaining Weight

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Are you excited about a week off from work? But are you afraid of ruining it? It's easy to put on weight when you're completely off your normal eating habits. You're on vacation, maybe in your own city, maybe abroad. Maybe in the sun, maybe camping, maybe at the cottage or maybe at a friend's house? Either way, the challenges are numerous! More eating out, alcohol, pleasure foods and sometimes unpredictable meal schedules... However, with a little bit of preparation with sound dietitian advice, you can leave with peace of mind.

The Biggest Mistake NOT to Make on Vacation

The biggest mistake you can make is to let everything go. Vacations are about getting away from it all for most people. However, it should not take us to the point where we want to forget everything, even respecting ourselves. If this is the case for you, it would be a good time to reflect on your lifestyle. Are you generally satisfied with the life you lead or are only the days of vacation enjoyable?

Keep some structure that will help you feel good. Eat your three meals, even if they're staggered. Make sure they are nutritious, including protein. Eat as many vegetables and whole fruits as possible.

  • Choose vegetables as a snack before heading to the restaurant, so you won't arrive hungry, and you'll ensure a good intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Carry grapes, banana, pear, nectarine or any other fruit that eats well without preparation.
  • At the airport or in coffee shops, try salads instead of sandwiches.
  • At the grocery store, pick up salads to combine with chips on the beach.

Keeping Your Figure Without Counting Calories

The conscious-intuitive eating approach is perfect for this kind of context. No more math! Rely on your own internal barometer that tells you how much and when to eat.

Do you often feel sluggish after eating? Do you feel heavy and want to sleep? It's probably because you ate too much. Think light: both in terms of food choices and portion sizes. Feeling good when you leave the table will help you enjoy the rest of your day!

Summer Drinks

The calories in sugary drinks are absorbed without making you feel full. That's why it's so easy to add up the calories in alcoholic drinks!

  • 1 beer (12 oz): 150 Cal
  • 6 beers: 900 Cal
  • 1 glass of wine (5 oz) : 110 Cal
  • 1 bottle of wine: 550 Cal

Alcohol relaxes, but it also reduces inhibition. Keep a cool head and avoid getting carried away with alcohol. Your motivation will be better! Swap a few glasses for this sparkling kiwi lemonade when it's hot. It's a great thirst quencher.  

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Above all, take advantage of the vacations to relax. Whether it's reading, being outdoors, laughing, meditating, making art or playing sports, smile a lot. There are other ways to treat yourself besides ice cream!

TeamNutrition wishes you a happy vacation !

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist