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TeamNutrition is proud to launch KoalaPro and its Premium version, an additional support for the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits. Never miss your health and fitness goals with KoalaPro. As your exclusive health app, it lets you discover your fitness journey with professional trainers and instructors.

Whether you want to start with yoga, meditation, pilates, HIIT, or barre, this fitness app suits every health goal. With a subscription, gain access to advanced tools for monitoring your heart health, fat percentage, and weight. Get a free trial and be the master of your health.

Nutrition-Based Recipes

Depending on your pathological needs or dietary preferences, you may choose healthy recipes from our program. Our nutrition app allows you to set the selection criteria using filters for specific requirements.

When you want recipes for weight loss, celiac disease, irritable bowel disease, or diabetes, access them easily. The app also lets you choose nutritious and delicious options based on selected ingredients.

Online Workout Center

Choose any activity according to your fitness goals on the FIT KoalaPro health app. We update virtual workout videos every week to keep you on the right track. The videos with 10-30 minutes runtime are perfect for every fitness level.

Enjoy your cardio boxing, yoga, Tabata, cardio military, Zumba, barre, or pilates while listening to a specifically selected Spotify playlist. The app also allows you to choose your coach, category, intensity, difficulty level, and duration of your online workout.

Learn About Healthy Nutrition

Access online nutrition articles and capsules from our expert dietitians through the FIT KoalaPro app. We wish to help you accomplish your health goals with intuitive eating habits.

Plus, get exclusive discounts on locally available food and wellness products. Our registered dietitians and nutritionists handpick each product for various health conditions. Discover different nutrition challenges and mitigate them with complete information available on the tool.

Highly Trained Instructors

Whether you want to learn HIIT or excel at pilates, choose the best instructors and trainers for every fitness activity with KoalaPro.

Our team comprises professional dance performers, yoga trainers, movement teachers, and fitness experts to help build your strength and endurance with different intensity or difficulty levels.

Free 30 day access for clients

Try our KoalaPro health app for free by choosing a TeamNutrition dietitian. 

Want to energize your workplace? Get KoalaPro Premium for all your employees. To learn more, check out our corporate services or contact services@equipenutrition.ca.

Stay Connected

With the KoalaPro health app, keep your health information updated in real-time and share it with your health professional. The app uses the latest technology to track the progress of your weight loss or health goals. Sync it with Google Fit or Apple Health for secure information sharing. You may also enter the data manually without syncing.

Start by setting up specific parameters for weight control, body fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, hemoglobin, and cholesterol levels. Choose weekly, monthly, or daily reports to follow these indicators and share them with any third party. You can even share your health data with your dietitian!

Contact us to know more about the free trial today!

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