What Is an Intuitive Eater? Answered by a Registered Dietitian

Intuitive eating
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Nowadays, we are exposed to several types of diets: the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, the Weight Watchers diet, the cookie diet, and many others. Along with these various types of diets, there are different types of eaters: the emotional eater, the reactive eater, the rational eater, and, finally, the intuitive eater.

In this article, we are going to look at the intuitive eater.

Conscious eating

The intuitive eater relies on conscious eating to eat. Its principles are based above all on respecting the body and listening to signals of hunger and satiety, while having healthy habits. This type of eater does not follow any slimming, detoxifying or other diet, and moves away from any dietary restrictions which can alter the listening to food related signals and create false hopes. It is free from all calculations: caloric, protein, carbohydrate, lipid, etc.

Its principles

1. The intuitive eater eats with the idea that eating is not a chore, but a pleasure and that there are no good or bad foods.
2. The intuitive eater has a good relationship with all foods, even ones with low nutritional value like chocolate, potato crisps and others.
3. This type of eater does not give any power to a specific food and does not attribute any miraculous quality to it.
4.  In addition, he or she does not believe in superfoods, which are known to improve health. All food ends up on the same pedestal.
5. This type of eater believes that their whole diet can have an impact on their health, not just a particular food.

Its characteristics

The intuitive eater is mainly characterized by the freedom of mind, which is rather difficult to reach in the majority of other types of eaters, who focus more on the number on the scale and on their physical appearance. The intuitive eater measures the evolution of its dietary changes based rather on the energy he or she feels and their general well-being.

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