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Your days are filled up : many meetings scheduled, e-mails to answer, not to mention all ongoing projects to work on. Coffee is often the lifeline. What are the other options to keep a good energy intensity throughout the day despite a busy schedule? Two valuable tips to save the day: take snacks between meals and hydrate yourself properly.

First, you should know that fatigue and lack of concentration are distinct signs of a drop in blood sugar levels. After each meal, a quantity of glucose is sent through the blood, enough to feed the cells over a period of two to four hours, depending on the nutrient composition. No wonder we often recommend taking a snack between meals! Indeed, nutritious snacks are of great importance to maximize your energy levels. A nice colorful fruit salad, a plain yogurt flavored with a little maple syrup, a homemade banana and chocolate muffin or a few dried apricots with a handful of nuts will do the trick.

But there is more: water.

Even with mild dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration can be noted. In other words, your body is slowing down. To hold on, it's better to keep your bottle of water nearby. A clue that guarantees that you drink enough in the day: the need to evacuate! Moreover, to switch up plain water, you can add some mint leaves, a dash of lime juice or pieces of melon. Herbal teas, tea, soy beverage and juices are equally hydrating beverages, and some of these options provide other nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants as well.

What do you do with coffee ... does it dehydrate?

NO! Despite the fact that caffeine acts on the ADH and increases the volume of urine produced, it never drains the same amount as the amount that was drunk. So the coffee keeps a slightly positive balance. Does it hydrate as effectively as pure water? NO. Does it still hydrate? Absolutely.

On the other hand, coffee amplifies the state of stress. Notably, there is an increase in heart rate and adrenaline in the blood. Its stimulating effect, meanwhile, encourages insomnia. When we realize that:

1. The coffee has followed the trend of overconsumption.

2. There is development of a real dependence.

The real question is: do you really need it? Desensitization to caffeine can be challenging (headaches, irritability, moodiness), depending on the level of dependence, but so liberating! Still not convinced? Discover here the brain under the effect of caffeine.

To conclude, it is by providing snacks and an easily available source of hydration that you can be sure of having maximum energy at work. On this, have a good week !

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist