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Nutrition corporate services for your employees


Corporate nutrition services for your employees

Our Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist corporate services help Canadian SMEs offer an extraordinary employee experience through conferences and workshops that energize!
TeamNutrition supports thousands of canadians

Our corporate nutrition services are tailored to your employees needs and interests

Through our extensive experience, we have created a range of services tested and highly appreciated from employees :

  • A veriety of 45 to 90 minute fun practice based health and nutrition conferences 
  • Culinary workshops designed in a dynamic and enriching way for your coffee breaks or your virtual happy hours
  • Choose individual nutrition consultation blocks to support each employee in a personalized way, insurance receipts for third party insurance are provided.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly nutrition challenges to keep your employees motivated to eat well and have fun !
  • A corporate discount on our highly appreciated FIT Program which includes an online workout center, recipes adapted for health and energy, nutrition video support, as well as carefully selected wellness discounts on a veriety of food  and other wellness products
  • Choose our 6-month thematic programs for mental health, stress management, active lifestyles and/or conscious and intuitive eating principals for durable health.
  • Don't see what you are looking for? No worries, we also create conference and workshop plans taylored to your wants and needs.



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How to choose the conferences that will really benefit your workers?

With 38% of employees under 40 thinking about changing careers [1], a good way to retain them is to listen to them. Their current concerns are:

  • Mental health and stress management: 40% of the workforce suffers from mental health issues [1] and 47% feel exhausted [3] during a typical workday.
  • Weight management: 2 out of 5 people admit to gaining weight in the last year and a half. [4] Our Registered Dietitians - Nutritionists are the expert professionals for understanding the complexity of weight management and its psychological and social implications.
  • Social Responsibility: Companies that are socially committed to making greener decisions have a greater ability to attract and engage employees in return.  Reduce the cost associated with employee turnover and contribute to the good cause of making your company's health benefit the health of the planet!


Attract and retaining workers

The new generations of workers on the market are not only looking for challenges, but also for employers who are more environmentally responsible, more human and who contribute socially. With 38% of workers under the age of 40 thinking about changing jobs [1], it is worthwhile to improve retention power by standing out from the crowd with an extraordinary employee experience!

Enrich team cohesion

Interactive activities organized at work encourage exchanges and strengthen the bonds between colleagues. Cohesion is important to your productivity levels and especially when positions are in satellite. Build a stronger team that will want to continue working together.

Maintain health

Nutrition is an undeniable pillar of health and a popular topic that captures interest. Preserve the health capital of your employees with personalized advice from the real experts in nutrition.

Contact us at services@equipenutrition.ca now for more details and/or to customize receive a quote.


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[1] Daniel Dufour, Product Manager, Prevention and Disability Management at Desjardins Insurance (Dialogue Conference on the Humanization of Care presented on 30 SEPT 2021)

[2] Survey conducted by Environics in September 2020 with 1514 responses from Canadian workers (https://www.dialogue.co/canadian-attitudes-on-healthcare-and-telemedicine)

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Contacting your nutritionist - dietitian is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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