Free Corporate Fitness Challenge

KoalaPro Free Fitness Challenge

Free Corporate Fitness Challenge

For a period of 30 days, engage your company in a unique fitness challenge. This enriching experience provides you each week, by email:

  • A free one-month access to KoalaPro, our health portal dedicated to your employees.
  • Suggestions for workouts tailored to all levels.
  • A weekly menu crafted by our team of nutritionists, accompanied by a shopping list.

To make the challenge even more exciting, create teams within your company and encourage friendly competition with point accumulation!

Boost Participation with a Prize!

Looking to intensify the experience? Raise the adrenaline by offering a grand prize to the team that stands out the most! Choose from our catalogue of local partners to support the local economy. You can opt for products from companies like:

Why Choose KoalaPro, Your Virtual Health Companion?

KoalaPro is more than just a health portal, it's a true bilingual companion that encourages healthy lifestyle habits. Within our platform, you'll find:

  • Nutritional capsules to help you better listen to your hunger and satiety signals.
  • Workout videos guided by fitness professionals.
  • Exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services.
  • Tasty and nutritious recipes for all tastes.

Embark on this corporate fitness adventure with KoalaPro and discover how it's possible to take care of your health while having fun!

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Contact us to get your access code and a free demonstration of the KoalaPro wellness portal. Send us an email at