TeamNutrition Unveils Its New Digital Therapy Tool

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Introducing Digital Therapeutics

The healthcare field is undergoing continuous evolution, with one of the most notable recent advancements being the emergence of Digital Therapeutics (DTx). This concept represents an innovative merger of technology and medicine, paving the way for a transformation in healthcare practices. In countries leading in innovation, these digital solutions are being prescribed in a manner similar to traditional medications. They hold the promise of radically changing how we manage diseases and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Digital Health Pioneers: The German Case

Germany, a leader in this domain, has integrated these digital health applications into its national healthcare system. Thanks to the "DiGA" (Digital Health Applications) law, German doctors can prescribe digital health apps, which are reimbursed by health insurance. This initiative demonstrates how DTx can be effectively used to complement or, in some cases, replace traditional therapies.

KoalaPro Support +: A Canadian Revolution

KoalaPro Support +

Drawing inspiration from innovative approaches and always on the lookout for the latest evidence, ÉquipeNutrition is proud to introduce KoalaPro Support +. This cutting-edge platform has been specially designed to transform the healthcare landscape in Canada. Developed by our experts, KoalaPro Support + aims to revolutionize lifestyle habits and health management through personalized digital therapy, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare.

Key Features of KoalaPro Support +

KoalaPro Support + offers a range of features designed to support both healthcare professionals and their patients:

  • Direct Messaging: Provides quick responses from nutrition professionals, facilitating personalized support and tailored advice.
  • Nutritionist-Led Support Groups: Spaces for exchange and learning designed to boost motivation and support the maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits, guided by experts.
  • Big Sister Function: An innovative alert system that informs dietitians of significant changes in patients' health data. This allows for rapid intervention to prevent any deterioration in health status, ensuring tailored and proactive follow-up.
  • Workouts, Tailored Recipes, Nutrition Tips, and Challenges: Educational and interactive resources designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and achieve health goals.
  • Gamification: Incorporates gaming principles to motivate and encourage users to adopt healthy habits in a fun and interactive way.

The Potential Impact on Health

DTx, like KoalaPro Support +, have the potential to transform how healthcare professionals approach care. With continuous monitoring and easy access to professional resources and advice, they can enhance adherence to treatments, reduce healthcare costs, and improve long-term outcomes.

A New Era of Care: Technology and Prevention

The introduction of KoalaPro Support + marks a key step in the evolution of healthcare, combining technology and therapy for a more personalized and preventive approach. Inspired by successful international models, KoalaPro Support + positions itself as a leader in innovation in Canada. It aligns with European trends aimed at expanding access to digital therapies and represents a significant advancement in our vision of personalized care and wellbeing. KoalaPro Support + demonstrates the enormous potential of digital therapies to improve care and facilitate access to specialized treatments, playing a crucial role in the continuous improvement of overall health.

Join the Innovation in Health in Canada

With KoalaPro Support +, we're taking a significant step towards the future of digital health care. Whether you're a health professional seeking innovative tools, a media member keen on the latest health trends, or simply passionate about innovation, your insight is invaluable. Sign up for our waitlist to get a first look at how KoalaPro Support + is transforming health care approaches — all without any obligation. Join us on this innovative journey and help shape better health for everyone.




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