Take the Time, It’s Worth It!

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Healthy eating
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Even if this phenomenon is well settled, the increase of obesity rates and its consequences are still a hot topic in the media. Every day, we are sensitized on the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Yet, this problem is far from abating!

Our lifestyle

We all know it, our lifestyle has an impact on this condition. Our sedentary jobs, for most of us, and our use of cars as our daily ride have a non-neglectable impact on our physical activity level. Thus, our mostly sedentary lifestyle forces us to increase our energy expenditure outside of daily activities. But how do we find the time in our busy lives to include regular physical activity? Who, nowadays, decides to pick up their children on foot when there is a car parked in the driveway? For a lot of us, each minute counts in order to respect our daily obligations.


Everywhere, the availability and overabundance of food influence our food consumption. When we are in a hurry, it’s so much easier to stop at the next fast food, even if we consciously know that our meal will be higher in fat, salt and sugar. Even for those who take the time to cook, it’s common to eat too quickly on the corner of a table or in front of a computer, distractedly, without taking the time to savour nor even to acknowledge our hunger.


From the well-deserved ice cream cone after the soccer game to the much-needed Friday afternoon cocktail, our habits catch up with us and dictate our way of eating. These habits, so skillfully anchored by the ubiquitous advertising, influence ourselves without us even noticing. Thus, it’s common for us to eat without being hungry, simply by habit or pleasure.

Taking the time

Despite the adverse effects of these habits on our health, it seems almost impossible for most of us to change them. Having good eating and lifestyle habits seems to be too time-consuming, time that we already lack. Though, what’s more precious than our health and well-being? Without them, could we even manage to meet our obligations? The question isn’t having the time or not, but rather TAKING this time.

You are important. Take care of your body and soul.

You are worth it.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist