4 Nutrition Tips for Thanksgiving

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A lot of food on the table for Thanksgiving

Savoring Thanksgiving

With so much delicious food served at Thanksgiving, this celebration can make it difficult to keep our healthy eating habits in check. Here are some tips and strategies for a deliciously healthy Thanksgiving!

1. The Importance of Breakfast

You may think you’re saving lots of calories by skipping breakfast in the morning. What really happens is you end up starving by dinner time, making it that much more difficult to make healthy choices during the evening. Instead, start your day with a small but satisfying breakfast such as a hard boiled egg on whole wheat toast or some oatmeal and fruit. In the afternoon, eat a small snack that contains at least 5g of protein in order to feel satisfied before dinner. Making better choices for dinner will be easier if you’re not starving.

2. Lighten up your Recipes

There is often too much sugar or added fat in festive recipes. Here are some tips to lighten up some of your favorites:

  • Use fat-free chicken broth to baste the turkey 
  • Use applesauce instead of oil in cakes or muffins 
  • Reduce oil and butter as much as possible 
  • Try using plain yogurt or fat free sour cream in creamy dips, mashed potatoes and casseroles 
  • Use whole grain bread to prepare the stuffing 
  • Make a fruit based dessert such as an apple crumble or pumpkin pie 
  • Prepare more vegetable based dishes. Squash, Brussel sprouts, carrots and green beans are all in season! 

3. Watch out for Portion Sizes

Before serving your plate, ask yourself what you really feel like eating. Why eat foods at Thanksgiving that you can eat any time of the year? – think bread, chips, candy, chocolates. Fill your plate with holiday favorites that will truly satisfy you, keeping the portion sizes reasonable.

4. Take Time to Savour!

The pleasure of eating comes from savouring, not overeating. Take time to eat slowly, put down your fork between each bite, and savour each mouthful. You’ll be able to appreciate your meal and feel satisfied sooner. Also, your body interprets thirst like hunger. Be sure to drink lots of water before and during your meal – you’ll be better hydrated and you’ll also avoid the extra calories hidden in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Our nutritionists wish you a delicious Thanksgiving weekend!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist